November 13, 2016


Life is very easy, you don't need to complicate it, you don't need to worry about it. All you have to do is face it and never back down to any problem.

Face what is in front of you, face it like a real man and fight for your case. Even if it is very uncomfortable facing it, just face it. Because running away form something is not living your life. It is like playing hide and seek and you don't want to be seen because you are so afraid of responsibilities. But the truth is, every time you hide from something, your problem will only get bigger and bigger, the only way to solve it is to face it. Even if you are scared, even if you don't know what might happen, just face it so your suffering will end. Any problem can be solved, there is no problem that you can't solve. All you have to do is accept that you have to take actions and face the consequences.

If you have a problem in money then just face it, you don't need to borrow some money from others, you don't need to scam shit or something. Just look for the most available work and then try as hard as you can to have it and then simply work hard... problem solved. You don't need to get picky, you don't need to act like you're entitled to have a very good work with good pay, remember all you need is money so you have to face it and grab any available opportunity presented. And don't ever make an excuse that you don't have money to pay for the public transportation. If you really want it then you can find a way how to do it, you can borrow a bike from someone you know or you can walk even if the distance is so far. If you really want it then you will do something about it, as simple as that.

If you impregnated someone and you don't know what to do... the solution is very simple, face it. If you're just a teenager and you know both of your parents will get mad, of course they will get mad. But what else can you do? You have to tell it now so you will able what to figure out what to do later. Just tell it, face it and then look for solutions how to make the problem smaller. It is either you get married, look for a job so you can provide support to your girl and the baby or finish your studies. Any option will make a momentum that will make your situation easier. Just face your problem, don't be ashamed of it, don't feel any regrets. It is what it is, the best way is to look for a job in my opinion and try to support the girl as much as you can. And when everything is stable then that is the time you can continue your studies or pursue your dreams. Never ran from any responsibility because only cowards do that.

If you are sick,let's say you have cancer or something. Again, the best way how to deal with it is to face it. Look for the cure, look for any possible solution that will make your health better. Never put your mind into worries or stress because it will only make things worse. Just face it fearlessly and own that sickness, fight it, treat it like a bitch. Have the mindset of being happy everyday because you can still move and can fight for your life. If you die then at least you did your best and you never take your life for granted, you will die with dignity and without regrets that you just complain and blame life for being unfair with you.

If you have a strained relationship with your parents or with someone close to you. If you haven't seen them for years, you know what to do... face it. Say sorry, swallow your pride and work things out. Because the more you keep the pain inside, the more you will get burned. You will feel that there is a hole in your soul, you will feel so sad, depressed and you will always think about that person that you have a feud with. Face it so you will feel better, if they reject you so be it, at least you try, at least you can say to yourself that you tried to fix it. You will feel better because you know you did your best to save the relationship.

Freedom is attained by facing your problems and not running away from it. You will have a peace of mind if you will face your problems right away, you will be free from mental torture because you knew you are moving in the right direction. You knew that good things will happen because you are in the moment and you know what is going around. You are aware that good things is bound to happen. You will feel hopeful and positive.

When I was in college, I always try to ran away form my strict and scary professor, I was cutting classes. I wanted to become free, not knowing that I am making the situation even worse. I decided to drop her subject because I said to myself that I cannot even pass it because she was a terror and she doesn't like me. So I dropped it and decided to just take it again next semester, I feel relieved for the moment, I feel that my problem is solved. But when the next semester is already there, I was surprised that she was my professor again. I feel dismayed and disgusted. I also found out that that professor is not failing any student who has no absent or with complete quizzes and assignments. Any committed student can do that, I feel so regretful, I've felt that I've wasted a lot of time and money. I feel so guilty because I've wasted my parents' money. If I only face the problem which is not really a problem right way the moment it is presented then I will not be dealing again with it anymore.

You are only complicating things by running away from it. This is the truth, the more you use the word tomorrow or next week or next month... things will only get worse. It is either you do it now or never so you don't have a pending task that will make your life hard. Having something to think about is a burden. If you will not do something about it then completely stop thinking about it, stop talking about it. Just leave it like nothing happened, but... Make sure your conscience won't hunt you down, make sure you will not feel anything about it, I bet that won't happen because people are so invested in emotions. So the really best thing to do is face it like a real man who isn't afraid of his responsibilities.

And by the way, all you need to do is make actions and become a little bit uncomfortable, always look at the worst thing that may happen and evaluate if it will make your life really miserable. Does taking actions and talking to someone really bad? is making yourself do the right thing going to kill you? is saying sorry gonna make you broke? Those things will only make you uncomfortable for a little while but it won't give you nothing more than that. It will even make you feel better because you were able to express what you needed to express, you were able to take actions that will give you a very good momentum.

Life will become very easy if you will not run away from your responsibilities, after all you are the only one who's responsible for your actions and nobody else. You are the only one who can solve your problems, you are the only one who can put yourself in a better position. It is in your hands, move now while the problem is not that deep.

So whatever problems you are dealing with now, whatever pending task you have... face it. You don't need to solve it right away, you will be able to figure things out gradually, you don't need an instant solution, you don't need to produce fast results. All you have to do is face it and take it one step at a time. Stay committed and stay until the problem is solved. Never make excuses because it will only delay the process, stay even if it is really uncomfortable, stay even if it is making you look bad.

The key here is to never look for an escape, never look for an easy way out because that will make you feel really bad, that will give you the feeling of scarcity because you will think that you cannot do the things that you like or have the things that you wanted to have. Remember that life is all about the process and not about the results.

It is all about how you feel and the best way to make you feel better is to stay committed with the process, facing problems and challenges and thriving from it.

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