November 02, 2016


Have you seen someone who is working hard as hell and you don't know if what he is doing is making an impact or not? Well, he is the only one who knows if he is making a progress or not. He feels like he can make it even though you can't see that there is a positive improvement that he is producing.

Someone who is really working hard and pushing to get something is a King. He doesn't care if he will make results or not, all he know is he have to work hard or else he will not become victorious. He doesn't care about the conditions, he doesn't care if it is raining or if there is an earthquake or something, he still do what he does. Sometimes you will think that he is insane, he is so hooked on his goal and very passionate in his actions.

Let the King do his thing, let him take massive actions, let him perform at his best. Only he knows what is going to happen. Let him be himself, he sees something that you don't see, he feels something that you don't feel. He may execute actions that looks ridiculous for you but I am pretty sure he knows what he is doing and he can succeed in the end. He knows he is going to become successful just before he begins his journey so who are you to question his behaviors.

A king outworks everyone, while everyone is sleeping he is moving. While everyone is resting, he is starting. He has an insane work ethic that nobody can match. He has a very strong belief that no one can destroy. He is simply obsessed on what he is doing and that makes him very different, that makes him untouchable and very hard to defeat. He has a very clear vision that no matter what happens, his belief will never change. He set his eyes on the price and nothing can make him change his mind. He has a bulletproof mindset that no circumstance can ever make him change direction. He is driving the steering wheel and he will not let anyone drive it for him. And even if a very strong adversity strikes, he will never make U-turn or make a reverse. He will never make shortcuts and he will keep driving even if there is no more gas left in his tank.

A King will keep pushing until the end so let him do his thing, don't ever stand on his way because you will just regret it. If you don't agree with him then you better just shut up or else he will make you eat your words. He can outclassed you because his work ethics is incomparable, he knows that you are no match for him because he has this long work history that he is very proud of. He has this experience that you don't have any idea how he did it. So you better just keep quiet and let the King do his thing.

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