November 02, 2016


Have you seen someone who does a very shitty work but still making it in life? you can see that his ideas were crappy and you feel like no one will believe him but still he was able to gather a lot of supporters and he is making it in life, he is succeeding even though his works are all crap.

So the idea here is, if someone's crap is working then maybe your crap will work too. Just put it all there, put all your crap in the market, maybe it will sell too. Even though you don't have the confidence and belief that it may work, just let it all out and expose it.

There is nothing wrong in selling your ideas even if you feel like it is useless and will not make any contribution at all. If you think that you are better than someone who is giving nothing but crap then you should become confident that you can have a taste of your own success too.

And the truth is, a lot of people were selling crappy works on the internet or at the market and they are getting unbelievable success. I don't know how they do it but a lot of people were still believing them and they are making a huge amount of money. So maybe you can do it too, maybe you can thrive in your own tribe.

So just simply believe in yourself, always feel that your works will work. Never think less of yourself because that is what you will attract if you keep on thinking that way. Have an abundance mindset, keep doing what you are doing and always believe that you will see the silver lining in the end.

You have the right to execute any ideas that you think will work, you have the right to sell some shit and make a profit out of it. You are not forcing anyone to believe in you, you are just giving them an option that if they patronize your ideas and products then their money won't be wasted and they will enjoy what they will get. Because you know that all of your products were useful and it can help anyone improve his life.

Especially if you work hard for your ideas and you really give time for it, I am very sure your crap will sell too, so don't be afraid to show it and don't hesitate to expose it in the market.

Only time will tell when will you become successful. If those wannabes became successful by selling crappy ideas then you will become successful as well, it is just a matter of time before your time come. Just be patient and never stop, never stop until you reach the top. You have the right to become successful too so don't hold yourself back and hope for something else. You were already successful the moment you try being one, all you need to do is to stick with the process and find a little progress.

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