November 03, 2016


It is really hard to do something everyday, it takes a very strong commitment and sacrifice to keep the streak alive. And it is not just a simple commitment, it is a commitment that can alter the result of your life.

It is hard to survive a business especially if you have a lo of commitments in your daily life. What if you have a hectic schedule? what if you need to prioritize something else? what if your family needs time?

Yes it is true that if you really want it then you can do it, you can do everything you want, you can do it everyday but if you have so much things going on with your life then you might get crazy if you try to do it everyday. You will feel a high level of stress that you might not be able to tolerate. You will burn out in the end. You will give up because you can't take the beating anymore. You can do anything but you can't do everything.

So if you are running a small business and you can't hire someone to operate because you don't have enough budget yet, and you have a lot of things to do so you cannot run your business daily... just make a schedule when you are going to run your business. Tell the people when are you available and when are you going to open. Let's say you will run your business during Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Tell it to everyone, tell it to the world so they know when will they look for your service.

Because if people will come to your business or look for you and they don't see you... they will get disappointed and they might not come back again. They will look for another business that will do the service for them.

And once you created a schedule, make sure you will follow it and you will never be absent. This is one way of earning trust from clients. You will never have to worry to open your business everyday because they already knew when to come.

If you can't run everyday and exercise everyday then also make a schedule when to do it. Again, you can exercise everyday, it is possible. But what if you are full of excuses and you are prioritizing other things first? so the best thing to do to survive that habit is to make a schedule. Let's say you will do it every Tuesday and Saturday because you are too lazy to do it everyday. Again, make sure you will follow that schedule or else that habit will die. If you didn't follow it, chances are you may not do it forever. Do it even if you don't want to do it, you already make an excuse no to do it daily, doing it twice a week makes your life easier.

Making a schedule when to do something will make you survive a business or a routine. Because you are so busy and you can't manage to do all of your activities everyday... it is better to distribute your time to all of the important activities and follow it strictly. You can make adjustments later if you want to do it daily once your schedule becomes easier. There is no excuse not to survive a routine or a business because of being so busy, it is just a matter of prioritizing what matters to you the most.

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