November 01, 2016


You should only talk to people who can appreciate your thoughts and ideas, you should never deal with someone who is very negative and will contradict all of your ideas. Because it is just a waste of time, you will even get caught in a useless fight if you let your emotions get into your head.

A lot of people will not agree with you and you have to accept it, no matter how nice you treat them or how soft you talk and even if you pretend to be humble, some people will still not like you and that is a fact. You can't make everyone like you so what is the point of not revealing your true colors. Don't try to look nice but also don't try to look bad, just be natural and move or speak according to your real personality.

Has it happened to you where you are speaking and you are telling your true stories and there is someone who will stop you from talking and then will make fun of your stories or consider it as a joke? sometimes you will be accused of lying and just making a fake story. It feels bad right? all you wanted to do is inspire them and give them some ideas to succeed but they will never believe you or sometimes will even disrespect you. It simply means they are not getting your story, it doesn't interest them or touch them.

The best thing to do is just walk away, if there is no connection then just cut the discussion. Just shut up and say excuse me and never comeback. Because what is the point of telling your story if some people will try to disrespect you. You don't need to argue with them because you are just wasting your energy. Just go back and pursue your goals and let go of the bad emotions that you felt.

There is nothing wrong in stopping and shutting up. It doesn't mean you are coward or something, you just don't deal with people who can't see your vision because they will just suck your energy, make you feel bad and you will not get anything from them. You will not learn any lesson from them, you are just making things difficult for you. And besides, you have nothing to prove to anyone, you know yourself and you will live by your own means and rules.

Because you will meet a lot of negative people as you travel your journey, so it is better to just shut up and don't talk about your dreams and visions because negative people won't get it. Haters will just laugh at you and you will feel bad. Your words are for the doers and not for the negative people so if they can't get it then it is their lost not yours.

And also, if you find yourself having a discussion with someone who is so negative and won't give you any lessons in life just don't talk. Don't listen to him nor agree with him, just shut up and make him feel that you are not interested with the topic. Just wait for a few moments and you will see that the son of a bitch is closing his mouth.

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