November 23, 2016


Being intelligent, being smart, gifted or genius is what people wishes nowadays, They wish they were so blessed with such talents so they will have an easier life. But the word "gifted" is so overrated. It is just used to market products or fool people. A lot of fraud will use it to convince you to believe their products. They will say that they are genius, smart and they have every knowledge to make you successful once believe them. The will say that they are the chosen ones, they will say that they are very bright and everything they say is right. They will say everything just to get your trust and when they have it... your money is their next target.

A lot of universities are also very good in marketing, they will tell a lot of good stuffs about their school, they will tell that a lot of geniuses and intelligent students graduated in their school just to convince you to enroll for them. They will tell a lot of lies, one of best lies that works for them is all of the students that graduated in their school became successful, if you can be fooled easily you will bite their trap and in the end you will discover that they are full of shit.

A lot of people claimed that they were smart, that they were this and that and they can become very successful. They were already proclaiming themselves as future hall of famers even though they haven't execute a single action yet. And when you watch their life and see their growth... it seems like they are not growing, they were the same person ten years ago, nothing has changed in their life.

Don't ever wish to become bright, wish to do right. If you can do the right things in life, if you can make good decisions then you will be alright, you don't need to feel less for yourself. You don't need to compare and make a declaration to the universe how you feel sorry for being less talented.

And the truth is... successful people didn't tell other people that they were smart or gifted or intelligent. They simply preached about shooting for the stars, working super hard and conquering adversity that may come on your way. They never preached anything about intelligence or inborn gifts. They even don't consider themselves as intelligent people, they just focus on working and working everyday until their dreams come true.

So never feel sorry for yourself if someone is calling you as not bright individual for as long as you know how to do what is right then you will be alright.

I know a lot of people who called themselves as bright and genius but if you will examine their life closely, you will see that they are not even doing good in life, they cannot even pursue their own dreams. They believe that they can do big things but they can't even start small things. They were delusional, they cannot accept the fact that they still need to work hard in order to become successful.

If you can do right things then you will have the right things, you will get what you deserve, you don't need to look far and keep on searching what is the secret ingredient to success. You just need to do what is right like disciplining yourself, focusing on the things that will give you benefits, associating yourself with the right people, working extra hard, having the attitude of a real professional and that's it. Success will be attracted to you naturally, you don't need to wish for it or beg for it. It will come to you if you are doing right.

Look at those people who were claiming that they are bright... they can't even show a proof that they've done some big things. They keep on planning, they keep on analyzing things, they keep on talking how good their plans were, they keep on being proud about their soon to be success but that success never comes. They grew old and their life is full of regrets. And when you ask them why they are not successful, they will make a lot of excuses, they will throw a lot of blame to the government and other people why they didn't make it in their life.

So the best thing to do is just do the right thing and stop aiming to become bright. Talents were useless if you will not use it, there are lot of promising individuals who didn't even make it to the next level. The expectations for them were very high but they cannot live up with the hype. They ended up failing because their head grows bigger because of the praises that other people are giving to them. They don't work hard anymore, the ended up being broke and miserable. An of course, you will hear a lot of excuses again why they are not yet successful.

If you are not bright, if you are not gifted or intelligent... all you can do is work hard, become more focus and never give up until the end. Because those people who claimed that they are bright will give up in the middle of the process, they will make a lot of changes if they didn't become successful, they will make a lot of twist and turns and they will end up in a place that they don't wish to be. Those "bright people" are quitters. They don't know that it is now about what you know, it is about what you can do.

So if you can take massive actions for your dreams to become real then you don't need that hard wired brain, you don't need that overrated talent. All you need to do is do what you can do and don't stop until you become successful. All you need to have is that unparalleled determination and discipline so you can keep taking steps even if you don't feel comfortable taking them.

And also, don't be fooled by people who are claiming that they are smart even if they graduated in a well know university. Always remember that if you are really smart then you don't need to talk about it, people will see it naturally, people will believe you if you have results to show.

So what will you choose? an intelligent brain that can't do anything or can't prove anything or a stupid brain that has a lot of achievements and accomplishments?

So if people are calling you not good or not smart then just let them be, after all if they see your proof of achievements then they will kiss your ass in the end, they will shut their mouth and treat you like a saint. People with no achievements can easily be fooled by people with achievements so if you want to control the people around you, become successful as you can be. And if they question your credibility, show them what you've got and they will never say anything bad about you anymore.

One good thing about just choosing to become right rather than become bright is it is very simple. Sometimes it is hard but it is not complicated. You just need to do the right things for you, even the most basic but right thing will work, you will just need to upgrade it later if you want to move to the next level. Being right requires no longer time for thinking, you will just do what you think will give you results and that's it. Do it for a very long time, do it fast, do it harder, do it better and then you will be surprised that you were already on top of the mountain.

Being right has a lot of advantages than being bright. Your mind is not confused, you can do things easily because you are not over thinking. You are not putting pressure on yourself because you just do it, you are not expecting perfect, you are not expecting amazing but still you produce an amazing result. You are just living your life doing the right thing, you keep on doing and doing it until you become big, until all of your efforts sum up and then you get what you deserve.

Being bright is just promising, being right is already fulfilling. Just making the right decisions and doing right actions on time will take you to the place where you wanted to be.

So don't be easily fooled by people that are pretending to be genius or special. They were no better than you. What they can do, you can do it too, you can talk too, you can become arrogant too. But they can't do what you can do which is taking actions relentlessly and being patient working for something that will become big one day. They can't work for something for a very long time which is very easy for you to do. You can stay on the course and make something happen.

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