October 22, 2016


People can't get what they want because before they get it, they were already afraid of losing it. They were thinking negatively. They were thinking of ridiculous things that might happen once they get it. They were already blocking the energy or receiving that is why they can't even touch what they want.

Guys, it is not about the resources you have to get something, it is not about how deep is your knowledge or how rich you are, it is about how bad do you want it and the willingness to take risks to get it. Some people can already get what they want, all they need to do is move but they can't get it because they were so afraid that something might went wrong.

If you really want something then the moment you have an opportunity to get it then you will get it straight. No second thoughts, no second opinions. It is like pulling the trigger without conscience. You don't care if you will lose something for getting it.

And one more thing, you will get something for sure if you are not afraid to lose it, it is like having it already in your hands even if it is not yet yours in reality. If you are not afraid to lose something then you can have it over and over again. Some of the explanations below will give you a deeper understanding about this idea:

1. You can only have that car if you are afraid to lose that car. I have a friend who wants to buy a brand new car, he always talks about that car. I can see in him that he really wants it but his fear is what stopping him from getting it. He has a pretty decent job and he is earning well. His salary can pay the monthly payment for the car that he wants and there will still be a lot left on his money for other bills. His main reason why he doesn't want to commit on purchasing the car is he might have a long vacation from work and he might not be able to pay the car. He is working at the different country and when he is on vacation he is not getting paid that is why he only takes one or two months of vacation then he will go back to work again. Sometimes the company is giving him four or five months of vacation and there is nothing he can do about it. That is what he is being afraid of, having a long vacation and he thinks that he might not be able to pay the monthly payment for the car.

He has a very wrong mindset from the start that is why he can't get his dream car. He is afraid to lose it once he get it. If he isn't afraid that he may lose it then for sure he can drive that car. He should be ready to lose that car anytime once he get it, he shouldn't be afraid of the consequences that may happen because that is what life is all about. Life is full of randomness and if you are not ready to lose something, you will not risk or try to get it. It doesn't matter if you lose it or not, what matters is you experienced getting what you want. Because even if something goes wrong, even if you are on the verge of losing it, you will still find a way to maintain it if you really want to keep it.

2. You can have your life if you are ready to lose your life. This is for the people whose number of days are limited. You can only have your life if you are ready to lose it. A lot of people died the same way like others because they were not trying something new. They follow the traditional way of healing, I am not saying that the traditional way of healing is bad but you also have to decide to try some other choices if nothing good is going on, you have to trust your instincts about healing yourself. Doctors will tell you to do this and do that but what if months have passed and there is still no improvement that is happening. Your body will tell you if you are feeling strong or not so you must decide now if you will try some alternatives. I know you are so scared to lose your life so you will stick to what the professionals say. But here is the thing, you can also bring back your life and avoid dying if you are ready to lose it by trying some risky solutions. You're already dead, why not follow your instincts and do what you think is best for you. Try some other things that might not work, try some other things that may kill you or may heal you forever.

3. Faking documents of employment history. Warning: this will only work if you really can do the job. A lot of companies nowadays were very picky in terms of hiring an applicant. They want a very long working history, some companies wants 5 or 7 years of working experience and what if you don't have that kind of credentials and you really want the job and you know you can do it? What you need to do is fake your resume and go apply for the job. If you know you can do it then there is nothing to be afraid of. But also keep in mind that you must also be ready for the consequences of your action. You must be ready to lose your job once you get hired because they might review your resume later for whatever reasons.

I have a nurse friend who was hired by a hospital in a different country, he faked his documents, he faked the employment history, he said that he already worked for 5 years even though he only worked for 2 years. He was confident that he can do the job because he is a hardworking guy and he is also a board passer. Up to know his employer is very happy with his performance and he is already a regular employee there.

From the start he was ready to lose the job if the company found his secret so that is why he got the job, he take the risk and the risk pay off.

4. If you are not afraid to lose your easy life then you will have a real easy life in the end. I know that you are having an easy life now, you are pretty happy watching TV and bumming around, if you are not afraid to lose your lifestyle now then you will have a much better lifestyle in the end, a much successful and abundant lifestyle. You must not be afraid to leave laziness now, you must be willing to lose some sleep in order to have a much better lifestyle in the end. In other words, you have to suffer now and sacrifice for the better life. Because you can only have an easy and more secured life if you will work hard now and become the richest as you can be so you can have an easier life in the end. Yeah your life is easy now, you are comfortable but for sure you will have to work hard in the future because your financial status is not yet secured. So don't be afraid to lose the easy life now, make it difficult by working hard so you will just relax when you grow old and you don't have anything to worry about.

5. You can only have her if you are willing to lose her. If you love your bestfriend and you admire her very much, what are you going to do? are you just going to keep quiet and watch her fall into other man's arms or are you going to take the risk of losing her and confess your feelings? You have to choose, yes you can still have her companionship if you remain bestfriends but you will not be able to hug her and kiss her, are you ok with just looking at her and not being able to touch her? are you satisfied with that?

Take the risk of losing your friendship and court her, if she get mad well at least your suffering ends, you will be able to know that she is not for you. But what if she likes you too? that was a jackpot right? so take the risk of losing her so she can be your girlfriend because at the end of the day it is what you really like to happen that matters and not something that you pretend to like because you are scared of losing what you have at the moment.

5. Dreaming about making it to the NBA. You can make it if you are not afraid of losing your chance to make it. Some players who were trying out to make it to the NBA are very conservative in showing their skills. In tryouts, they will always follow the coach, what they don't know is that coaches already knew who are the players that they are going to pick. So if you will not show something great and unique then you will not standout, the coach will ignore you. But if you are ready to go all out and make mistakes then you will have a very good chance of catching the coach's attention. You have to become a rebel a little bit and don't be scientific, don't be so technical and just a follower of their instructions. You must be willing to risk everything, be ready to get cut if you fail. Because at the end of the day, even if the coach didn't get mad at you, he will still not pick you because you play it safe, you didn't show something special. You are not ready to lose it that is why you will never get it. If you disobey your coach then chances are you might not make it, but that is the only way to show your moves and skills, that is the only way to make it to the team.

6. You should be willing to lose your reputation to establish a stronger reputation. If you're a candidate for some position in government then you must be willing to lose your reputation. Some people will throw dirty tactics at you, they will invent false stories in your life that aren't true. They will destroy your reputation, politics is very dirty and you can't escape that. So if you wanted to win then be ready to lose your reputation so you can join the race. You can only clean your reputation if you win, you don't have a choice but to face the black propaganda against you.

7. You can become super rich if you are not afraid to lose all your money. You have to invest your money to become super rich. Not all businesses are sure to succeed so there is a chance that you can become poor. A lot of millionaires from the past became poor by joining wrong investments but the good thing is they've learned a lesson, they come back stronger and richer.

So if you wanted to become really rich then you must be willing to lose all your money, business is a gambling, sometimes you will lose and sometimes you will win. But also remember that if you keep going and you never lose hope, even if you lost your money, you can bring it back to your life again.

Always entertain the idea of losing something. You have to be ready to lose in order to win. Take risk because that is what life is all about. If you are not prepared to lose something then you will never have anything.

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