October 29, 2016


If you are with your group of friends in a bar and there is a gorgeous lady sitting near you, of course all of your friends' initial reaction is to impressed the beautiful lady, they will become loud, make loud gestures and try to do everything to get some attention from the lady, all of them will do that including you. But the best way to thrive in any given situation is to do what others don't do, do it the other way, not their way but your own way. So if all of them are getting loud then you should just be quiet. You will look very natural and attractive, you will stand out because you are the only one who's not loud. If the lady will look at all of you, you will be the who will look unique. You will catch an attention without trying so hard.

But if the other scenario is your friends are very shy and they look like angels without wings who cannot even do a single single sin, it is time for you to also do the other way. You should be the one who's aggressive and will make actions to get the girl's number. But of course you still need to act natural because that is the most attractive tactic that you can do, being natural. The good thing is you do it the other way, while everyone is scared, you are acting like a tough guy with balls. You will look unique and different from others. Your energy will rise above them and you will look like a boss. Your fearless image will attract people because while everyone is scared to fail, you are risking it all.

If you are trying out for a varsity team and all of the players there who were also trying out were afraid to take the last shot then have the guts to take it. They were so scared to take the last shot because they thought that the coach might get mad at them if they miss. Well, that was a stupid mindset and if you are one of them who's afraid to take chances then you just better go home because that kind of mentality will take you nowhere. Once you see an opportunity, you better grab it because you might not see it again. The better way to standout is to do what others are scared to do. If you can just become confident and believe in yourself then for sure you will succeed. You may fail, you may suck but the point here is you take chances and you separate yourself from others.

If you will look at them, they are getting the same results, they are not succeeding so the answer is there already, do it the other way because it might be the way to make you successful. Weak people will copy each other because they were so scared to get humiliated by being themselves. All of them were so scared to fail and that makes them even a failure. Yes, they were not being criticized, they were playing it safe, they don't feel bad but did they become successful?

You've already seen what most people do and you've seen the results of their behavior so the best thing to do now is to do what you haven't seen yet, do what they are not doing so you will get different results. Become tired of what you always see everyday, it is time to create a different reality. A reality that is based on your expectations, a reality that was created by you and only you.

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