October 31, 2016


So you are still taking things for granted huh? you still don't give value to the opportunity that you have, you still don't care about the time you are wasting. You are still acting like a boss without power. You never know, this might be your last chance.

I know someone who already thinks he made it. I know someone who was hired for a job but suck on his job because he thought that he will never lose his job. He is acting crazy, he is lazy, he is acting like a dick to his co employees, he is violating a lot of rules. And when he got fired in his job, he faces all the difficult consequences, he is depressed, he is making dramas and attracting a lot of negative situations. He can't find another job anymore. Maybe that was his last chance to change his life, maybe that was the job that is for him and will make him rich, but the problem is he didn't appreciate it. He took it for granted and now he is suffering the consequences of his actions. And now he don't know what to do anymore, he feel so guilty with his past actions, he cannot move on, he is having a lot of regrets which makes him unable to look for another job.

If you were given a chance, make sure you will take care of it because that might be your last chance. If you were hired for a job, make sure you will give your best, don't relax, don't feel comfortable because that kind of attitude will give you problems in the end. Don't be a bastard, work as hard as you can and always appreciate the people around you. Not all people were given a chance, so if you are in a good position right now, make sure you will cherish it and nurture it.

So if someone sent you to school and pay all of your expenses, make sure you will reward that person. Study very hard and try to finish your school as early as you can. A lot of young bloods who were sent to school are going lazy, the were satisfied of just going to school everyday, they take things for granted and that is why they can't finish their studies. And in the end they will make excuses that the teaching is hard, that the professor is terror that is why they are having a hard time. Study hard because not all people can study, some are even dying just to go to school. If you were given a chance to study, make sure you will do your best because that might be your last chance.

If you're being benched for a long time and your coach decided to play you because the star player is injured... make sure you will leave everything on the court. Go hard and dive for every loose ball, make the other opponent feel your presence, make the coach happy with your performance and do everything to help your team. You never know, that might be your last chance because maybe the coach is planning to trade you if you didn't perform well. Maybe he is giving you the last chance to prove yourself so make the best out of it and play like it is your last day.

A lot of people were taking things for granted because they think that they can still have another chance when they fail, they always think that they can still do better next time only to find out that they don't have any chance anymore.

Some people also think that their situation sucks and they were not given a chance to prove themselves but the reality is they were already given a chance, they just don't see it so what they do is they bum around and take things lightly. This might be your last chance, tomorrow is not granted, tomorrow might get worse, so you have to take immediate actions and put your career, relationship or anything that you need to improve into a better position.

What are you doing now? in anything that you are doing make sure that you will give everything you've got because that might be your last chance. Opportunities might not come back again, even if you wait for it there is a chance that you might not see it again.

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