October 24, 2016


Life is very simple, people know what they have to do yet they are not doing it. I don't know why but it seems to me that people are really good in destroying their own life. They know what to do, they know how to do it but they will not do it. They will engage in a more easy but useless activity. I guess people's minds are default to having fun and comfort. If they see that an important task is a little difficult, they will look for another activity that is easier and of course fun.

That is why students who have no dreams prefer to cut classes and just drink in someone's house. They don't want to study because it makes them uncomfortable. They will look for an easier activity that is fun but less rewarding. If a student will just study hard and then do all of the tasks in school then for sure his future will be secured. It is simple but it is hard, the path is already laid out but some students choose to become a rebel in a stupid way.

Life is so simple if you have no money then find a work. If you got rejected today then go and look for a job again tomorrow, the solution is very simple. All you've got to do is look for another one and another one until you got hired. People can't get it, once they got rejected for a couple of times they will immediately whine and cry like a bitch, blame the government and establish a mini rally to address his needs. He will feed his mind with a lot of negativity and that is why his life never progress, his mind is full of destructions and not solutions.

If you are tired then rest, as simple as that. A lot of people complains that they are so tired, that they need rest but when they have free time to rest, they will do some other things that will make them tired even more. They will travel, drink with friends, do a movie marathon and any other things that will deprive them from sleep. And when it is time for them to work, they will show a very bad self image, a weak self image, a tired image that will even make them lazy to do work. The worst is, they are becoming contagious to their officemates, they are creating a very bad energy that makes the people around them become lazy too.

I don't know why it is hard to do the right things, people tend to do the more less beneficiary things than the more rewarding ones. They will destroy their lives, they will do stupid things then they will complain and make excuses in the end. You know better but you are not doing better, you know what to do but you choose to do what you think is fun at the moment.

You have no money but you still buy stupid things, you use your credit card until it reach its limit and when it is time to pay for it... you will hide in the mountains or you will become a burden to your mama and ask her to give you some money. The funny thing is you are even proud that sometimes you can manipulate the bank and prevent yourself from paying them, you even talk it to your friends and just laugh at it.

The reason why it is hard to do the simple things is because people want to finish it right away, they want the rewards right away. They want to become rich so fast so they will avoid the work, they will try to live like rich, they will never work hard but they will spend more. And when they fail in life, they will try to blame someone and put all the cursing why they are not successful.

They want to finish a task so fast, the don't want to enjoy the process so when they see that the task is somehow difficult... they will procrastinate and do some other things. Life is very simple, all you've got to do is do the basic things and then you will succeed for sure. All you need to do is make smart decisions. If you need to cut your expenses do it, if you need to study do it, if you need to work do it, if you need to exercise do it. You don't need to become intelligent to win in life, all you've got to do is do the right thing.

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