October 05, 2016


Change is really difficult. Change is a long time process, no one can change in one night but anyone can stop a bad habit in one night. My father in law is a living proof for that statement. He is a chain smoker before, he can puff 20-30 sticks of cigarette in one day. He is puffing like there is no more tomorrow. Then one day he noticed a small tumor growing on his throat, it worries him so he immediately see a doctor, the doctor tell him not so smoke again because it may get worse. Right on that day, he stopped smoking. His life changed, he is healthier now, his blood pressure goes down and he is doing some other things that are more positive. While the change is not so evident for some, it is still a change. His life has changed a bit, a small change is still a change. He does that by just stopping one bad habit.

If your financial status is really really bad and your monthly salary goes only for paying bills and sometimes you even have to borrow some money from others, here is what you need to do... find your most negative habit when it comes to money and then stop it. I don't care if your salary is small, once you find a bad habit when it comes to money then your financial status will change. Look at how you spend your money, make a very detailed assessment and you will find loopholes in the way you handle your money. You will find out that you are spending some of your money for useless shits like buying coffee from a popular coffee shop just to look rich, buying foods even if you are already full just to try it, buying shirts even if you have a lot of shirts in your closet, using taxi instead of using cheaper public vehicles. You can stop a bad habit that you've been doing for years and then you will see that your financial status will get better. Again, the change may not look as big as you are expecting it but it is still a change, it still somehow made your life easier. What do you expect when I say change in your financial status? you will become a millionaire? Just stop one bad habit at a time, if you see success in stopping one bad habit then look for another bad habit that you think you can stop and immediately do the stoppage. It will make an impact in your life, I'm telling you.

The best thing to stop to improve your financial status is borrowing money. You need to stop this so you will get out of that position where you always borrow money because it is already part of your life, you always think that you need to borrow money because your money is enough, sometimes it is all in your head. Just stop borrowing money even if it kills you, even if you get hungry or you get sick. Just stop it and do everything to avoid it. May it be just drinking water for your food, walking because you can't afford to pay public vehicles, not using your cellphone because you can't pay the bills etc. etc. Doing those things will change your life, it sounds ridiculous but it is true. You will feel uncomfortable for a moment but once you see hope, once you see that what you are doing is right... you've already changed.

If your career is somehow stuck in a mud and you noticed that it's already been years and you're still a small time, find what is it that you think is stopping you from being a big time. Make an assessment, make a checklist, be honest with yourself. Don't ever think that you are ok and you are perfect and that you are doing good even if your monthly salary is good only for three weeks. If you feel that you are less then there is really something wrong with you. Some of the things that you need to stop are: gossiping on facebook while working (it takes away too much time, instead of focusing on the more productive things), being an asshole with co employees, always late, always taking a leave, not focused etc, etc. There is a one big reason why you are not progressing, if you will be able to locate it and get rid of it completely then your career will change. Again, you will not notice the change right away but it will give you a very good momentum, it will give you good feelings, it will alter the vicious cycle in your career, you will see opportunities and your outlook in life will become more positive.

Just same as with your health, if you have a bad health, you don't need to make a dramatic change in just one night. Just find what is it that you think is making your health bad. It can be drinking too much coffee, sleeping right away after eating, drinking too much softdrinks, eating too much rice, eating too much protein, lying in bed for the whole day, drinking too much beer, eating too much chocolates. Again, I know you have a lot of bad habits in your health but you don't need to stop all of it. You just need to pick one and then stop it right away. Because by doing it you will become uncomfortable, you will miss it, you will get stressed because it is already a part of your system. And when there is stress, there is a change. Change will happen in your life for sure.

How can you know the things that you need to stop?

1. It is negative. It is really negative and obvious that it is negative but you still love doing it. You know that you've been doing it because it gives you good feelings but you know there is no benefit from doing it.

2. You're already addicted to it. Alcohol, buying stupid stuffs, drugs, excessive eating, gossips etc. Things that you know are bad but you are already addicted to. You need to stop one of your baddest addiction and you will be able to change your life.

3. Concerned people notices it from you. Your mother already noticed that you are smoking a lot and you are coughing a lot like an insane barking dog but still you don't want to stop it. If you can't notice it for yourself then really concerned people in your life will notice it for you. That is a very big sign that you should stop it.

Stopping one thing will really change your life because you will be able to replace it with a better habit. Change is very difficult for some people because their expectations from the word change is very big and fast. They thought that change is like being rich right away, being healthy right away with abs and muscles etc. etc. Change is a process, it is uncomfortable that is why you need to get rid of that one bad habit that will make you very uncomfortable.

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