October 13, 2016


If you are trying to become good at something whether it is about sports, music, business or if you are pursuing any kind of goal, the best thing to do is to just focus on one area first. Be good at it, give it a lot of time and then master any other area if you want to or if you needed to.

For example in basketball, if you are trying to become a great player then just focus on one area first before trying to become good at other things. Choose what is the skill that you love to do everyday and you can repeat as many as you can. You can focus on dribbling first, dribble a lot, practice a lot of dribbling drills before choosing another skill to develop. By doing this, you will not be confused, you will have a direction and your confidence will soar faster than you expected. After you mastered one skill then you can master shooting or defending. The key here is to practice in just one area at a time so the feeling of improvement is really fast. Because after all, what you feel is what matters most, even if you are practicing all different type of skills, if you feel that you are not improving then that is useless.

Because if you are very good in one area you will become very confident, you will standout and you will have a sense of pride that you are the best in that area. It will give you a feel of invincibility especially if you can utilize it in any given situation.

If you are an amateur boxer and you want to become really good, if you don't know what to do then just practice punching hard as fast as you can, practice it until you become very good at it. Practice it everyday, practice it until you become the strongest puncher in the world. A lot of boxers were focusing on their footwork, defense etc. so they don't focus on their punching power a lot.  If you can become the strongest puncher and you really believe in it then you have something they don't have. They will feel your power as much as you feel it, they will become scared at your hands even if you are not a complete boxer.

This style can be applied on any field, it can be on business, work, studies, arts etc. If you can become very good at one thing then you will catch attention, you will leave a mark that is very hard to forget. For example in business, if your business is food, find one area that you can become very good at. It can be the fastest service, the cleanest service or serving the most delicious food. Choose one and master it. For sure people will notice it and you will be able to impress them.

If you're only a student and you want to have good grades, this technique can be applied too. you can be the fastest one to do assignment. I am very sure a lot of your classmates are goofing around when they arrived at home. If you are the fastest to do your assignment then you will feel that you are somehow good, it will create a discipline in your system that will give you a huge advantage from others. Even if you are not sure with your answers, just do it anyway. The idea here is you are fast in making decisions and finishing tasks, you will benefit with it in the future. I have a classmate before, he is not smart, he is doesn't work hard but he is the earliest in the classroom and he is the most perfect in attendance, I never seen him late or absent, he graduated with no failing grade, he even find a job earlier than students who were smarter than him. It is simply because he has something that others don't have and that is consistency and always being early.

If you can become very good in one very small thing then you can produce big results. It may not be very evident but it is very effective. For sure you will become successful and you can stand out form others in your own unique way. And after mastering one area, you can even pick another area where you can be very good at, you can choose other things which you think you will stand out. It is like you put pieces one at a time to your system until you become the best in everything.

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