October 26, 2016


What some people don't know is that life is fair when it comes to pain but not when it comes to luck it is not. Everyone is suffering but not everyone is getting lucky. So don't blame life and curse it because you are suffering at the moment, everyone is having his own problem. Even the richest man has a problem, even the most popular celebrity has a problem. Their problems maybe different than yours but a problem is still a problem, it gives you pain, it makes you feel bad and it can make you insane if you cannot handle it very well or at least try to solve it. No one is immune from pain, even the priests and presidents are feeling pain so don't ever complain that the world is mistreating you.

The president is suffering to control or at least make the economy improve, he is suffering to solve the country's crime and corruption. He is taking all the blame, he is facing a lot of problems everyday compare to you. So what are you complaining about? your only problem is you, what is difficult about that?

Some rich people are suffering to maintain their lifestyle, they wanted to become rich forever so they are working harder and harder everyday. They are dealing with economic problems, they are dealing with a lot of bullshits. They are dealing with maintaining their business and they work hard to preserve the life that they have, in other words they are also suffering. They don't have time for their children, they are getting sick because they lack rest, they are always rushing and pushing. So now tell me, is your problem more difficult than theirs?

The most popular star player in a sport was injured yesterday and he was told that he cannot play for 8 months, he is rich, he is popular but he is also suffering. So what is your excuse now that the world is unfair?

The mayor of the state was imprisoned today because someone accused him of rape, he is telling everyone that he is innocent and it was just a frame up. The reviewing of the case will take several months, the mayor will suffer mentally for a long time. He is rich and powerful so why is he not immune from suffering?

Take a look at the world closely and realize that no on is immune from problem. Everyone has his own version of a problem. Everyone is stressed, everyone is facing a challenge. No matter how rich or how poor you are, you can't escape suffering because it is part of our life.

You just need to deal with your problem and stop complaining and bitching. Even if you become successful, you still can't escape adversities in life. What you need to do is you need to accept that life is difficult. You can make your life easy even if you have some problems, it is how you think about your problems, it is how you approach life. And the funny thing is, some people have lager problems than you but they can still manage to smile and enjoy life. 

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