October 27, 2016


Even if you are not earning a lot you can still become rich if you will only spend the right way or place your money in the right things. A lot of people become broke even if they have a huge pay check because they were spending more than they can earn, they were buying a lot of things that they don't need, they were addicted to spending, they don't want to keep their money instead they want to let it go and that is why at the end of the day, they found themselves borrowing money from others, bank is harassing them because they can't pay their credit cards.

So the lesson is this, if you really want things that will make you look rich and popular then you should buy what you can resell, things that have value and has the potential to have larger value as the time pass by. Don't buy things that are just beautiful when they are new and will turn into garbage that has no value when it becomes old.

Things that will turn into pure garbage as the time goes by:

1. Shoes. Basketball shoes, party shoes, elegant shoes, formal shoes or any kinds of shoes. It will all turn into garbage, it has no value. You can resell it but for sure the price is very low. People who buy second hand shoes are stupid, they have no pride at all. Are you going to wear a shoes that you don't know if clean? what if the original owner has an athlete's foot?

2. Fancy Shirts. This is one of the most difficult things to sell especially if it is not brand new anymore. I know you have a lot of shirts in your cabinet that you are not using anymore and yet you still keep on buying new ones. If you are smart then you should not buy expensive shirts because it will only make you poor. It has no value, it will only give you problems in the future, you cannot use it forever.

3. Collectibles. It is fun to collect toys, figures, mugs etc. especially if your favorite super hero character is attached on the product. The sad thing is... it is only fun in the beginning, it will only give you at least 2 days of happiness. And when the collectibles were already old... it becomes garbage. It is nothing, you will even misplaced some of it because it has no value to you anymore. It is only good when you see it on commercials but when you have it... you will feel that you are not really happy having it.

4. Cars. You can resell it but it has a very low value, what if your car is already 20 years old? I think only a person with mental problem will buy it. Let's admit it, yeah you feel powerful if you have a car, you feel rich if you have a car, but do you have gas money? Cars will also turn into garbage if it is not working anymore, you should sell it while it is still working so at least you can have a portion of your money back.

5. Gadgets. A lot of people will buy the latest gadgets just to look rich infront of people. Gadgets are nothing but garbage because it will not give you anything. Its value is very fast to depreciate. If you are addicted to gadgets you will always buy the latest release even if your previous gadget is almost brand new.

Here are the things that you must buy if you wanted to look rich but at the same time the value is increasing


1. Golds. Golds never loses its value, it is always increasing every year. You purpose for buying shoes, shirts, bags, gadgets is to impress people right? but to real rich people, you just look stupid if you are buying things that have no value at all. They were laughing at you because you look rich but you feel poor. Real rich people have a lot of gold  in their cabinets because not only they can use it when they go to special parties, they can also use it in the future, they can sell it and have huge profits because every year gold is increasing its value.

2. Lots. This is a property that is boring, looks not useful at first, will not give you joy but will give you a lot of money. It will also give you a sense of security. Every year the price of lots is increasing at its best. You were already rich if you have two lots that are located in a good place. If you have to choose between car and lot, choose lot. Just wait for a few years and the price of your lot will be doubled or even tripled. It is very easy right? You will just wait without doing anything and then boom!!! sell your lot and you're already rich, you just need a lot of patience and of course trust time.

3. Houses. If you can buy lots then it is much better if you can buy house and lot. Look for houses that are for sale in rush because for sure the price is very low. Just make a few renovations, wait for a short period of time then sell it... for sure you will earn huge profit. So easy and fun to do.

It is normal for people to buy things that are very attractive to them, there is nothing wrong about that. Spending is a very addictive habit because it makes you feel blessed and it makes you feel that you gain something, but the question is... did you really gain something? so the smart thing to do is to spend your money for things that becomes valuable, never spend money on useless things that will make you very poor in the end.

The conclusion is... rich people's spending habits are very different from wanna be rich people. Rich people uses their money for buying things that becomes valuable in the future, they buy things that will make them even richer while wanna be rich people uses their money for stupid things such as travelling a lot, buying the latest gadgets, buying the most popular shirt and then they will feel broke in the end. How funny was that?

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