October 28, 2016


You always thought that life is hard, that life is brutal and that it is hard to become successful or at least have a good life. Life is easy if you will do the easiest things, if you will only become a little responsible and prioritize things that will somehow make your life better then your life will be better. You almost forgot to do the easiest things in life that is why you were so delusional that life is very hard and unfair. Yeah life is unfair sometimes but it is what it is, you have to accept that it is unfair so you will become fair to yourself.

The truth is entertaining a lot of negativity is what makes your life difficult. Listening to news, listening to complains from different people, those negativities programmed your mind that is why you believed that life is very difficult. Your mind is so consumed by useless information that makes it corrupted. So if you are so confused in life and you feel a lot of burden, just do the easiest things, focus on those things and watch your self grow.

Here are some of the easiest things that you can do to make your life better and easier:

1. Apple a day. This is very easy, just eat it. An apple is not that expensive, I am very sure you can afford to buy it, you can even buy a pack of cigarette. A lot of you were looking for a fitness regimen or a diet program, some of you were even hiring an instructor but in the end you will get frustrated of the results that you get. An apple a day will not give you six pack abs nor hulk like muscles but for sure it will make your body healthy, it will help for sure and it will program your subconscious mind that you are getting healthier everyday. It will serve as a foundation to do healthier activities because you have a guide. 

2. 20-30 minutes of running everyday. Never underestimate the power of running. It will make your mood very good, it will make your immune system stronger. It has a lot of benefits, it is easy, you don't need to run very fast, you can even walk if you want but make sure you do it everyday. Never stop even if it is holiday or your birthday. Doing this will make you very confident, you will feel that you are different from others because not everyone can run everyday, it will change your life completely because you are doing a positive activity that will attract more positive things in your life. You can run on a treadmill or you can run on a field, whatever is comfortable for you, do it. 

3. Meditation. There are lot of meditation guide that you can see on the internet, some of those are just complicating your mind. The true meaning of meditation is just breathing, not thinking and just relaxing your mind, that's it. It is very simple and easy, no need to complicate it. Meditation will get rid of your negative thoughts, it will make you more relaxed and focused. It will take away all the mental stress that you are experiencing at the moment, do this everyday and you will have a healthier mind. It only takes 5-10 minutes to meditate, it will never hurt your schedule.

4. Saving 5 bucks a day. It is not difficult to save 5 bucks a day, even a student can do it. Do it and you will feel that you are getting richer everyday. 5 Bucks is just the starter amount, once you can save more than that then do it, save as much as you can everyday. Put it on a piggy bank or put it on a bank. Having the habit of saving will level up your financial status or social status in life, the idea here is you are being wise with your money, you can pull out something once there is an emergency. You will never become broke once you are saving. Having the feeling of your money growing everyday will give you the abundant mindset, you will always feel secured and confident. Life will be easier if there is a security that you will never become hungry tomorrow.

A person who is earning big money but has no savings is poorer than a person who is earning low money but has savings. Being rich is not about numbers, it is not about how much you earn but how much you save and how much do you have.

5. Always saying thank you to God and the people around you. Practicing gratitude is a very good attitude. Saying thank you means you are happy with your life, it means you are satisfied with your life. The more you are thankful the more you will attract abundance. Abundance will never show itself to people who were always complaining and cursing life. Just say thank you and you will have a lot of opportunities and blessings. Be appreciative and you will never have to suffer again. It is very easy, all you have to do is say thank you to your prayers and to the people around you, be thankful even if the blessing is not that give.

6. Learning something new that will give you profit. Study something new for at least 30 mins a day, something that will give you profit, something you will enjoy and you will do for a long time. This will make your life easier and enjoyable. It can be about music, marketing, sports, self development etc. Anything that will make your life progress, anything that will add some flavor to your boring life. It is easy, just study 30 mins a day instead of watching some tv series that will never give you anything but electric bills. Not only you will learn something new, you will also be able to build a bridge to riches if you become great.

7. Sleep. If you really need some rest because you are so stressed in life then sleep. Don't abuse your body so much because you might get sick. Just sleep when you need it, even if you are at the office, just sleep. But always make sure that you are not making it as a habit or an excuse, sleep if you deserve it because you work so hard. Don't sleep because you want some pleasure or you are just escaping your responsibility. Just sleep so you can have more energy to do harder tasks, it is very easy just close your eyes. And when you woke up... be ready to work like an animal.

8. Say NO. Always learn how to say no. It is very easy, you will just say no and that's it. When you say it you have to mean it, say it with authority, say it without giving yourself a chance that you might say yes in the end. Say no to toxic friends or relatives, say no to useless invitations that will make your life harder. When your friends are inviting you to drink but you have a very important task to do, say no. Saying no is easy, you make it very difficult by think about what people say and not giving priority to yourself. You can make a dramatic improvement in your life by saying to bullshits. It is very easy, just say it and you will see that your decision is right.

A lot of people thinks that life is hard, yeah it is hard in someways but you can make it easy by just doing easy things consistently. All you need is dedication and a little time. Do the easiest things that will give you reward and you can overpower the difficulty of life.