October 23, 2016


Love makes the world go round, it is true, with enough use and understanding of love... you can become very happy, successful and satisfied. Without it you will feel incomplete, everybody wants to be loved, everyone wants someone that they can love. Love is a very strong force and if you can use it the right way or if you have a very deep understanding of it then you will have a very good and happy life. Just like the Beatles said "all you need is love", it is true, it is everything you need to become successful and live a very good life full of success and happiness.

There are different kinds of love, you should be able to know it so you know what kind of love you are experiencing at the moment and make necessary changes in your life if needed.

1. COMMITMENT LOVE. This is a love that was done by two people wanting to love each other forever. This is a love that sometimes has no longer feelings but you still have to believe that you feel the love in order to survive the love. A commitment love may end but the good thing is because you are committed to loving someone, the love may die but it can also be revived depending on the commitment level that was promised. If the commitment was very strong then love will never end even if a lot of challenges in life happened.

2. LABOR OF LOVE. This is a love that is happening in work. This love is very simple to produce, you'll just need to focus on your work, be in the moment, stay a little longer and then you will produce a masterpiece. This can happen in any kind of work, it can happen in writing, sports, cooking, carpentry, gardening, politics, teaching and any kind of work on the planet. Just love what you are doing, love it even if you are not feeling good and for sure you will become successful. A lot of people can't stay on their work for a long time because they don't love it. Don't get me wrong, even if you don't like your work you can still learn how to love it. You can still find some parts in your work that you can easily love.

3. CONDITIONAL LOVE. A love that ask for return. It is like " I will love you if you will love me too". This is a selfish kind of love but you can't blame the person who is feeling this. It is hard to love someone forever if no love is coming back. This is a love that is asking for insurance that love must be back and forth.

4. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. It is the opposite of conditional love. People who is practicing this kind of love are martyrs and very kind. They will love something or someone without expecting that they will be loved back. Sometimes this is only effective in the beginning, once a person practicing this feels that he is not being appreciated, he will stop the love and look for it somewhere else.

5. BLIND LOVE. This is a kind of love that doesn't look on appearance, wealth or material things. The person with this kind of love just follows his heart and never care of what people say. This is a love that is touching and inspiring. Some people who are envy will question the love but in the end the person who has this kind of love usually wins. A lot of people will try to intervene but the blind love always prevail.

6. LOVE FOR ANY SITUATION. This is a love that usually experienced by people who have a very strong mental toughness. They are very patient and they can adapt to any situation very well. They love pressure and they don't care if the place or situation is dangerous and uncomfortable. They love every moment of their life and that is why they can thrive on any given situation. They don't care if it is traffic, they don't care if it is raining, they don't care if the economy is going down. They were just simply happy being alive and being able to love any situation.

7. HURTFUL LOVE. The love is still there but there is always a person being hurt. The hurter still loves his partner, the only thing is he loves hurting his partner and the other person is ok with being hurt. I don't know if this kind of a masochistic or something. There are even couples that stay together for so long even if they are hurting each other. This love can last for a long time but it will not last forever. The person that is always being hurt might get tired and quit the relationship.

8. TEMPORARY LOVE. This kind of love runs for a very short time. The love is felt but it is an infatuation like love. Sometimes money and material things is involve with this kind of love. A person loves back because she was given a money or something that might help her. If she is not receiving anything anymore then here love fades. Usually this happens to a sugar daddy or sugar mommy, it is almost like buying the love and also expecting love in return.

9. FORCED LOVE. You force yourself to love someone because you need someone to love or you need a companionship. You feel like you don't have a choice anymore and you just grab what is on the table. People who has this kind of love are those people who are in a hurry, sometimes they regret their decision and their love fades away too.

10. TRUE LOVE. This love is forever, this love is naturally felt and this love sees no boundaries. It is better than commitment love because this love is very impossible to fade. The feeling never change, it even grows stronger as the time goes by. This love is honest, dedicated and can withstand any challenges that will try to ruin the feeling.

It is good to fall in love, it feels good to be loved but you should know what kind of love are you having so you can sustain the love if you want to become happy forever. Love is not only about relationships, it can be seen everywhere, love is just a feeling, you can create it, control it or nourish it. It is up to you, you can fake it or make it real.

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