September 05, 2016


If you are so confused about your emotions and you want to have a reality check, if you want to know if you are really doing what you wanted to do, if you wanna know if you are really living life then you should answer this question: What if you're the last person on earth?

What if there is no other people around you except yourself, will you still do what you are doing now? Are you going to suffer for something that no one will see? Are you going to work even if you don't need to?

People who really love what they are doing doesn't care if no one will see it. They just do it because they love it. That is why a lot of singers nowadays were not really artists, they were not even musicians. They just sing for the money, they never play their own music. What if one of them was the last person on earth? do you think they will still sing the same songs that they were singing before? I bet not, I am sure they will sing the genre that they were singing when they were still children.

A lot of people were doing the things that they don't want just for the sake of having money or pleasing people. They were slaves by the eyes of the other people and marketing purposes. They were like monkeys being fed with bananas to do something they don't like. And that makes them not living their lives, they were not being themselves anymore, they live with other people's opinions. They are only pleasing and not living anymore.

Imagine there is no more people around you, what do you think will you do to entertain yourself? what do you think will you do to keep yourself from being insane? Because you do your hobby to have some fun, you do it because it makes you feel good. And now that nobody is watching anymore, now that money has no use anymore, what do you think will you do?

That is the time when you will be able to know yourself more and know what you really want, when nobody else is involve, when nothings else makes a participation other than your feelings. That is the time when you will be very loose and will not care other than your happiness. How good was that? you will be able to pursue your real passion. Your movements and decisions were purely based on what your heart feels and nothing else.

So even if you're not the last person on earth but you feel like there is something stopping you, you should imagine that you're the last person on earth. You should move like nobody is expecting you to create perfect results. You should create contents that comes from your heart and not with the influence of money. That is how living the real life is, because at the end of the day, when your life is almost over, you will regret the things that you didn't do. You will go back to the passions that you didn't pursue but you no longer have the strength to do them and that is the baddest feeling on earth... wanting to do something but not having the strength anymore to do it. You're like a dying rat not being able to get some cheese.

Benefits if having a mindset like you're the last person on earth:

1. You will not care bout your fancy things. Sometimes caring about your most precious things will make you not enjoy it. Because you will not use it, you don't want to put some scratches on it, you also think that it might get old too fast that is why you are keeping it and not using it so many times. If you think that you're the last person on earth then you will not give value to your things anymore, you will be able to enjoy it because you knew it doesn't matter anymore if it looks old because nobody will judge you anyway. You don't care about your precious things because even if you use it, no one will appreciate it.

2. You will experience 100 percent freedom, a real freedom. If you think that no one will be able to stop you or restrict you from doing such things then you will be able to do amazing things. You don't care if what you are doing is right or wrong for as long it is giving you happiness, you don't care if you slip, if you fail or you get embarrassed. You just do what makes you happy and that is following your deepest passion. You don't care if someone will get mad at you for being yourself, all you want is to express yourself and give your very best. Results doesn't matter to you anymore.

3. You feel more relaxed. You are not stressing yourself, you are not striving to become perfect. Every achievement doesn't matter anymore, you know you will not get any appreciation nor hate so what is the big deal? You are so relaxed, you feel like a water that just goes with the flow. You feel you cannot make mistakes, you feel like you are just playing, it doesn't matter if you win or lose for as long as you keep on moving and having fun with yourself.

So if you are pressured, if you feel like you are not having total freedom then think like you are the last person on earth. You will be able to find what you really want and what makes you happy. Treat other people around you as aliens and you are the last human being. You will feel more happy, free and playful. All of the fears will subside, all of the anxiety, expectations and disappointments will turn into nothing. You will achieved bliss and nirvana, you will no longer feel pain. And even if you feel it, it will still mean nothing to you.