September 13, 2016


Talk is nothing but talk, it will not give you results, it will not improve your life. You can say everything that is good about yourself but it still will not make an impact. You're still the same person before you talk, it didn't made you better, it didn't improve your situation. In other words, nothing has changed. Maybe there are some people who are listening to you, they will give you sympathy, encouragement but how can it help you? How can that make your life better? their words are meaningless either. It can pumped you a little bit but it still will not help you. You may become motivated for a short period of time but that will not make a difference.

You are talking too much. You already spend a lot of hours talking a lot, you talk about the whole story or even manipulate it a little bit so they will go on your side. And of course your gossip mates will pretend that they care. You don't even know that they were just gathering information from you so they can spread the news to other people. They will even add something or twist your story a little bit. And at the end of the day, you will learned that your story has already spread in your community. You are popular man! you're the talk of the town and how does it help you? If you will just use the numerous hours you spend in talking for solving your dreams or doing something great then your life will be great. Don't you still get it? using your mouth and not your feet won't get you anywhere. Just move, shut your mouth and make the necessary actions.

You are explaining your side too much, even if there is nothing else to be explained about. You are explaining why you are failing, you are explaining to them why your situation is so bad. Even if there is no need for an explanation, you wanted to look innocent and not responsible for your own failure. You want to point fingers to others and blame them. You don't need to explain yourself because they will judge you anyway even if you are right and even if you are the nicest person in this world. Choose action over explanation and you will be in the right direction. Stop explaining yourself to others who will not even understand you. They will just pretend that they are listening but the reality is they were so sick and tired of you story, they want to walk away from you.

You are so being defensive. You always defend yourself from accusations that you know you are not involve. You always defend yourself from being a bad guy even if they were not accusing you. You're like a guilty by acting like that. You don't need to defend yourself if you know yourself. It's just a waste of energy defending yourself even if you don't need to. Do the right thing, stop being defensive and start being active. You won't be able to entertain negative thoughts if you are taking positive actions.

You are wasting a lot of time. What if you just shut your mouth and do the right thing? I am very sure if you will not talk and you will just walk then you will accomplish more in life. You don't need to talk, just talk when it is the right time to talk and not when it is time for actions. Imagine how many hours you engage yourself in gossips. conversations about self pity and any other nonsense bullshits. Imagine if you will just use those time for a more beneficiary activities then you don't need to defend yourself, explain yourself or praise yourself anymore. They will talk about you, they will be amazed at how good you've become.

This life is very simple, you are just complicating it. Just do the right thing and stop talking. 98 percent of people talk and never accomplish anything. Only two percent become really successful. In what percentage do you want to be part of? the talkers or the doers?

Different disadvantages of too much talking.

1. You will meet negative people. All those gossip loving individuals meet each other. It is true that the birds with the same feather flock together. So if you don't want to be part of the negative community, don't be a gossiper. Just focus on the better things. It is true that negative topics are more fun and interesting but the bad side is... it can't give you anything. You will be attracted to problems if you are talking negative things so the key here is stay away from people who talks a lot. Let them talk while you do your walk. Let them gossip while you are climbing the mountain tip.

2. Your goals will be forgotten. And because your focus is not on the positive side anymore.. chances are your goals will be forgotten. You won't have a lot of time for your goals because you are drawing your attention to useless things. If you will not change and shut your mouth... years will pass and your goal was not even progressing. You will become a negative thinker. You will become like other people who can't focus on their own lives and live their lives to the fullest. You will be stuck in a mud and your life will have no direction at all.

3. You might be involved in a fight. A lot of talkers disagree with each other because none of them can admit that they were wrong. They think that they were always right and they cannot admit their mistakes. Talkers love arguments because they want to prove their worth by verbal wars and not through actions.All of them wanted to look the smartest and the most intelligent so once they see an opportunity to prove that what you are talking about is wrong... they will argue with you. Endless debate will start to happen, no one will win, the conversation will never end until the fist fight comes.

4. You will become a complainant. You will always complain and not take actions anymore because that is what talking a lot does. You will forget how to take actions because you are enjoying talking a lot. Talking is very easy and that is why you will choose it over taking actions. You will become like a showbiz host who knows a lot and talks a lot. All you do is talk, complain and make gossips. That is your cycle forever.