September 10, 2016


It's everyone's wish... they want to go back to the past, but why? They want to go back because they already knew what happened to them and they want to change their actions from the past so they will have a better life now, that is what they think. They think they can live better and they can live easier if they will go back to the past and correct their mistakes... what a mistake! If a time machine is invented and anyone can go back to the past... I bet those people who do it will still have the same regrets or even worse.

You can't change your life by changing the past. Even if you correct those mistakes, you will still make mistakes in the future so what is the difference? Do you think if you can change your past then your life will be easy? NO.

Let's say you are given the option to change one biggest mistake in your life, are you going to change it? I am very sure you will say yes like others, it is like giving yourself a second chance. But the thing is this, if you change your past then some good things that happens to you after that mistake will not happen, do you get what I am saying? Just because you did a horrible mistake in the past doesn't mean there are no other good things that happens to you. So if yo will erase that big mistake that happened to you then some good things that happens to you may not happen.

If you made a mistake then you will learn a lesson and you will gain an experience, the experience maybe bad but it is still an experience and it still a part of your life. So if you will erase your mistake from the past then the lesson and the experience will also be gone. Because of that mistake that is why you are a better person now, so if you will erase that mistake, there is a chance that you are a bad person now because you haven't learned yet. There is also a possibility that you have a worse life now if you will change your past, you never know. That mistake from the past can be the starting point of the betterment of your life. That maybe the wake up call or something so you will act the right way.

That mistake of yours from the past is part of the process, it is part of who you are. You will not be whole if that mistake didn't happened. So just accept your past and never try to change anything about it. It is what it is, there is nothing you can do about it anymore. Don't try to change the past, try to change the perspective about the past. Just make yourself believe that everything happens for a reason and those mistakes of yours made a contribution to your life now. All you can do is be happy, accept who you are and accept that everyone makes mistakes, you are just a human, don't try to stay perfect.