September 09, 2016


You think your name is already big that is why you don't want to fight small names anymore. That is why you are so scared to lose anymore, because you don't want to tarnish the "accomplished name" that you have. Even if you can win easily... you still don't want to take chances because you were so afraid that your name will be destroyed by rookies or newcomers. You were so afraid to get schooled by other people who have no names. And that kind of mentality will make you weak, you were not capable of accepting challenges anymore, it will make you rusty, it will make you stagnant.

Does your name really matter? What is it with name? and people wanted their names to remain clean. Some political or prestigious families will never let anyone destroy their names. They care about it like a precious pearl. They never want to associate some dirt with their names. Even if they knew that they were also doing some bad activities, they still want to remain clean and respected. They feel like their hands were very clean even though some people knew that it is really dirty. Such a shame, they cannot admit that they were making mistakes, they were so fake and pretentious.

If you really wanted to live life, if you want to feel real and defeat fear... forget about your name, forget that you are carrying something. Be open to every opportunity and challenges.

Some people will never eat to the cheap restaurants that they were eating before because they think that it is cheap and they were rich now, they don't want to look cheap so they will just eat in a fancy restaurant that they don't even like the food in there. They just want to look classy and elegant so they can post it into some kind of a social media platform and gather a lot of likes. They will even choose starbucks over a coffee that was prepared by their moms.

That is what taking care of your name does, it will remove the genuine in you, you will look like a fake bitch cherry picking things or challenges that is infront of you. You are not natural, your actions were purely based on people's opinions. Your decision is not purely made by you.

What is important to you is your name and reputation, you choose it over happiness and freedom. At any point in your life, your name will be forgotten, someone will replace you. You might be talked about by some but your name will not become a legend forever. Legends were replaced by other legends so never take care of your name, it's just a name and nothing more than that. And even if your name is so big, even if you are so popular, no matter how much you take care of your name... you will still be criticized by many, a lot of people will still disagree with you, some people may even disrespect you so why care of staying perfect at all?

Destroy your identity. Become versatile, adaptive and ok being disgust by others. That is how freedom is achieved, that is how being loose and unaffected will be experienced by you. You just don't care at all if you lost, embarrassed and humiliated by other people. You don't care about your name and identity. You should care more about enjoying your life and trying a lot of things that will make you happy. Your focus should be about enjoying and experiencing a lot no matter how small or big that experience is.

Is losing really bad at all? No, losing is not bad. It is bad if it makes you feel bad. Me, as a competitor and goal getter, I never feel bad every time I lose. I only feel bad if I didn't give my best and I didn't try. My name doesn't matter to me that is why I never hold myself back so much. My motto in life is... it is what it is, I just need to give my best. I never care about the outcome or results. Actions is what matters to me, action makes me feel alive. I don't care if they call me funny names or whatever. All I care about is I have to do it or else I will regret it. Regret is more hurtful than listening to what people say. Trust me, you can endure anything that people say but if you didn't try... the opportunity that was lost will never be forgotten forever. You will think about it everyday, you will even call yourself coward for not taking actions.

Confidence was built through repeated failures. You will get more confident if you will not take care of your name so stay away from your comfort zone and fail as many times as you can. If you can endure failing and not thinking about your name labelled as a loser... you will win in the end. Losing won't matter to you anymore so the moment you experienced it... it is like nothing, it is just like another day. You won't even consider losing as a bad day. You will take it as an experience and try to learn something from it. Look at those undefeated fighters, you thought they were confident because they were not losing. But the moment they taste their first loss... their world falls apart. They feel like they've been shattered. They don't know what to do, they don't know where to start again. It is simply because they care too much about their names and the undefeated record attached to it. They care about what people are saying to them because they loss. They don't feel invincible anymore.

But how about those people who tasted a lot of failures? They were more confident right? they were not scared of failing anymore because they already knew that feeling. For them, every situation is a nothing to lose situation because they knew winning is next in line. They keep on trying and trying even if the losing streak is too long and brutal. They get more confident everytime they lose. They don't care about their names, all they care about is winning again.

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