September 14, 2016


Developing yourself is really hard, really really hard. Especially if you are always looking for results or the development itself. Especially if you are aiming at something or your expectations were too high. But what you don't know is that development starts every second. It is about living the life you want even if you are not yet living that life. What does it mean? for example you want to live healthy or you want to cut weight and look sexy (just like anybody else does). What you need to do is just do something that is healthy. It is either you do exercise or eat healthy foods. And that's it, the development is already happening. You don't need to get scientific or methodological, just do what you think is right and let the development reach the highest level.

So if you're a bum a few hours earlier and you decided to become great this time... you can become great. The development already started just after you made a decision. You were already on your path, the only thing that you still need to do is stay with that path and never look for other direction when some challenges show on the way. 

Always remember that there will be bumps and challenges when development is going on. It is not easy as what anyone thinks. If you are expecting that development is very easy then you are already not developing. You must face any adversity that may come out. You must be willing to accept any challenges that will test your patience and determination. 

You can start anytime at anyplace. You can start in your house, you can start in your work. You can start now even if you are doing some other things. For example, if you want to develop your focus, you can start now in what you are doing. If you are watching a television, you can start to develop your focus there. Never try to change channel, listen to what is being said, pay attention very well to the story. You're focus is already being developed while watching television. 

If you are trying to develop your patience... start looking for things where your patience can be tested. You can start anytime. For example, in a grocery... if you are standing in a line. Try to become very happy and not looking for your watch even if the line is very long. Try to enjoy the slowness of the cashier, try to enjoy standing for so long even if your legs were in pain and too tired. Do that and your patience is already developing. 

Development in financial freedom. You can also develop this even if you have no money in your pocket, you can develop now. Development starts with a mindset and then you actualize what is on your mind. so if you have no money and you want to achieve a financial freedom just start with your mind. Think of abundance, think about paying your debts, think of saving once you received your monthly salary. Stop borrowing money, stop adding debts to your life, stop thinking of buying unimportant things. Start with your mind and you are already developing. Copy the thoughts of a person who's known for having a financial freedom and you will see later that you also have what he have. 

Always forgive yourself. If you think that yesterday you didn't develop because you do things that are not related to the development then just forgive yourself. You are just a human, development takes a lot of patience for it to take place. There will be times when you are inconsistent and going back to your old habits. But just have the mentality of wanting to develop again and start again. Remember, development can start any second so if you didn't develop yesterday, you can still develop now. What matters is you want to develop and you are forcing yourself to develop. But always remember that you have to be very consistent so the development will have a rapid progress. You can't always be doing it today and not doing it tomorrow then you will say you will start again. The point here is once you made mistake try to move on so fast and force yourself to avoid doing the same mistake again.

How to have a fast development:

1. Choose something to develop and put it in your mind 24 hours a day. For example, you want to develop your muscles. You should be thinking about developing it 24 hours a day even if you are not doing something to develop it. Just put it in your mind, always think about it so your body will do something for the development to occur. Putting it in your mind 24 hours a day will make you very focused and consistent. You wouldn't love to miss a single day for the development. You will always do something to achieve progress. 

2. Guard your actions. You must always be aware of what you are doing. Humans were creatures of habits so sometimes you don't know that you are doing something, it seems like you are in an auto pilot mode. For example, a lazy person will just sleep anytime he wants to without thinking that there are more important tasks to be finished. Sometimes he is not thinking about it, he just sleeps whenever he feels tired. You must be aware if what you are doing is not contributing to what you are trying to achieve. You must get rid of actions that are slowing you down. 

3. Be consistent. If you are developing something... consistent is the most important element for you to succeed. Never miss a day, never make excuses, just do it even if you feel tired or sick. Forget about your emotions. Just do it no matter what, just keep on improving even if you don't feel like progress is not happening at all. Being consistent will hasten the development. 

4. Have someone to check you. Ask the closest person in your life to watch you, ask him to check you everyday if you do your assignment. This will give you evolutionary pressure to become consistent and serious. Choose someone who is strict and wanted to help you grow. Choose someone who is concerned for your future.