September 15, 2016


Making action starts in your mind. So if you can manipulate your mind to force yourself to do action, do it. Sometimes taking action is really hard especially if it is not urgent. And even if it is urgent, it is still hard to make actions because you are crumbling and pressure is making you worry, so it freezes you. There must be some kind of a technique that you must do in order to take actions. Because success is not really about being smart or having the right amount of resources or support, it is about being able to take massive action everyday despite of not feeling well. It is about just doing it and showing up everyday on your work or any kind of business that you are in.

If you really want to force yourself to take actions, create an imaginary danger. Imagine that your life is in danger if you will not move. Imagine a knife in your throat and you will be cut if you will not move fast. This is very effective, you just need to take it seriously.

Everytime you are procrastinating and you want to move but it seems like there is a force stopping you, imagine a knife pointed at your throat, you will be stabbed or get cut if you don't do the right thing. It is a little bit insane but if it is the only way to make you move then why not try it? Imagine the sharpness of the knife very near to your throat and you will be slaughtered like a helpless dog if you continue on procrastinating, let's see if you will still give value to laziness, let's see if you will still squander a lot of time.

Danger is a very strong motivator. Some people will just move if their lives were in danger or if their businesses were in danger. They will produce solutions if they see that they were about to lose. Danger will give you the rush and alertness to produce the necessary actions because if you will not... your life will be a complete mess. So if having a peace of mind is not helping you at all, why not produce a thought that will force you to move? Produce a scary thought that will move you and shake you. Sometimes having so much ease will make you slow and relax, it will take away the fire in you. You will be very at ease with your situation and you feel like everything is ok but the reality is not.

Here are some other thoughts that you can use if you find yourself procrastinating and doing nothing:

1. Shotgun to your chest. This one is brutal, imagine a shotgun pointed at your chest if you don't move, your heart will explode, you have no chance of living so if I were you, move now before it is too late. No one can escape a shotgun, once it is fired against you, you are dead. Your heart will be divided into pieces, a lot of blood will flow from your body. That event was scary as shit, what are you waiting for? move now, the gun is ready to fire.

2. Money burning infront of you. Imagine that a lot of money could have been inside of your pocket if you were just doing the right thing. But it is burning everytime you take a single second for granted, a lot of opportunities were passing you by and you are just watching it escape from your hands, do something about it, stop wasting a lot of money. Time is money, you can earn money every second so use your time wisely.

3. The most important person in your life strangled with rope. If this thought can't make you alert then I don't know what else can wake you up. Imagine your wife or brother or sister or even parents strangled with rope if you are not doing anything to make your life better. Imagine them being killed slowly because you can't give them the good life that they deserve. They were dying because of your laziness and dramatic acts. Look at them closely, are you going to let it happen or are you going to do something about it?

4. Your puppy drowning in a pool. I know dogs were very good swimmers but this is just using your imagination. This is using your creative thinking so you can force yourself to act. Imagine the cutest puppy in the world drowning and the only way to save it is if you will take actions. Imagine the water in the pool slowly draining if you are making steps to make your situation better and it is rising again once you are stopping. How good was that? You will feel like a hero, you will feel like a life saver if you are moving, you can't stop because the puppy will die. Keep moving, save the puppy drowning.

5. Angel of death about to visit you while you are sleeping. This is the scariest thought ever. If you will not do the important tasks now, the angel of death will visit you, so you have no choice but to finish what you are ought to do before you sleep or else you will not be able to see the sun tomorrow. Just do the task before you sleep so you will have a peaceful night.

There are millions of thoughts that you can use to force yourself to act. Any thought will work for as long as it triggers your mind and put you in a sense of urgency. The more brutal or dangerous the thought, the more it will become effective. You should be scared and get anxious to move right away. If fantasies can't make you move or inspire you, if motivational stories can't make you take actions then I think negative thoughts is the right way to move our ass.

Fear is a very strong emotion, it can help you or it can break you. If it is stopping you for a very long time then why not use it to put you on top? scare yourself, make your self very afraid of failure.