July 28, 2016


It is good to expect big but the expectation should always favor your side. Sometimes your expectations were done in a wrong way that is why you can't win, in other words you expect to beat yourself. 

Expecting that your competitors are strong. Once you expect that your competitors were stronger than you then you already lost. You should expect more from yourself and not from others. You are giving them strength that they don't have if you were afraid of them. Your competitors were only human so you should not expect that they were better than you. And besides if you know that you prepare so hard then you don't have to worry about them anymore. They should be the one who must worry about you. Your expectation from your competitors were too high that is why you are going low. Forget about them and expect more from yourself. You are stronger than them, expect to beat them.

Expecting that the task is hard.  You haven't seen it yet nor experience it but you already judged that the task is hard. You are just a new comer in the company and you are so afraid of the task that is ahead of you, then why did you apply for that job in the first place? You are worrying about what is not happening. Your expectation is weak. Are you really afraid of the task or you really don't want to do the job? Of course there will be difficulty along the way, there is a challenge that is waiting for you but expecting that your job is hard will make the job even harder. Your mind is worrying like a mentally retarded who hasn't drink his medicine for weeks. You need to expect that the task is easy so you will be able to do it and accept it without any form of hesitation. 

Your expectations were too high but those expectations were viewed the wrong way. Your expectations should be more from yourself and not from others. You thought that everything is hard, you thought that everyone is stronger than you. The reality is nobody is better than you except yourself. It is time to lower your expectations from everything, always focus on your strength. Forget about the difficulty, forget about who is better... nurture only the thoughts that will help you.