July 20, 2016


Even if your pace is very slow and you feel like you are not progressing, well at least you are moving. Even if you feel like there is no change, well at least you are moving. The good thing here is you are doing anything to produce something.

Sometimes you want to do things harder, you want to be faster, you want to be sharper but sometimes your body is not reacting the way it used to. Maybe it is because of fatigue or something. But the point here is at least you are still moving. It is better to move than to not move at all. It is better to take it slowly and work for hours than to go hard and eventually you will stop after pushing for a few minutes.

MOVEMENT will lead to BETTERMENT. Even if you feel weak doing something, even if you feel like you are just wasting your time and you are not gaining strength.... still move chico!

Sometimes you can't go hard right away, you can't perform at your highest level for whatever reason. You cannot find your natural pace because your body is somewhat recovering or it maybe has some little damage, I don't know. All I know is there will be days when you really cannot be you. But that is ok, all you need to do is just move, just keep on embracing your slow pace. Just keep on moving the parts of your body, just keep on making little progress and you will see that your energy before will go back little by little. You natural and normal power is showing itself again.

That is the power of moving, it can bring back the old you, it can always give you energy and momentum. Instead of just embracing laziness and hoping for your strength to come back again, just make tiny movements so you will not be left behind. Your strength will only come back if you are on the right track. If you are just sitting around and enjoying the feeling of being wick and slow then good luck to you. You will never find your pace, you will become weaker and weaker until you get accustomed to it.

The important thing here is to force yourself to move even if you feel like you are going to die if you move. Stretch your muscles, make your brain operate. Again, it is ok if your pace is ugly and unacceptable, it will change in a moment if you don't stop taking the right steps to accomplish something. You will feel that your strength is coming back and your power is starting to take control once you commit to just move despite of feeling bad.

Moving even if you don't feel good is something to be proud of. Not anyone can do things or take steps once they feel a little bad. Some people will just lie on their beds once they feel a little sick and dizzy, well that is not the attitude of a champion. Champions keep going even if they don't want to, they keep on pushing until they feel good. Emotion has nothing to do with being successful only action does.