July 26, 2016


So you want to stand out huh? you want to succeed and make it big in life huh?

So then, if you are sick and tired of trying a lot of things and yet no result is showing, if you are sick and tired of wondering what you can do in order to become successful... my answer is this: PUT YOURSELF IN A PLACE WHERE THEY CAN'T GO.

And what do I mean by this? Go to a place where everyone is afraid to go, go there and for sure there will be a change in your life.

Go to a training session where everyone else is afraid to go because the training is so hard. Go there courageously, die there and you will see that you will become a different person, you will reach a level that nobody can reach. Your confidence will go high because not everyone can do what you do. Your  body will become stronger, you will learn a lot, your chances of becoming successful will be very high.

Go to a school where everyone is afraid to go because the teaching is so hard and the standards are so high, you will get a very good credential after you graduated. People will see you as a very intelligent human being and they will give you a lot of opportunities. Jobs will go after you, you can get a very high salary even if you are just a rookie.

Go to a company where it is very hard to get employed, a company that is respected and well known. Yes it is hard to get in but that is the challenge, if you can find a way how to get employed for that company then you are also on a different level. Working on that company is not the reward but having the courage and tenacity to get in is the real reward. You become an innovator, you learn how to find ways, you learn how to better yourself.

What are the other places that everyone is afraid to go because there is some degree of difficulty that was accustomed to it? go there, you will get tough, you will get better, you will get disciplined and in the end you will become successful, you will standout from others.

Other places where you can go that can make you better:

1. Mountains. Pick the highest mountain, climb it and you will build an endurance that is very hard to beat. You will build a willpower that you can use in any kinds of challenges like sports or pursuing an impossible goal. Every step you take is hard especially if you are looking at the top, the key here is stop aiming for the top just aim for the next step. Condition your mind to at least take the next step and the next one until you reach the final step. I am telling you, once you reach the top of the mountain you will feel proud and powerful because you beat a very tough adversity.

2. Unfamiliar territory. It can be anywhere, any place that you don't know, any place that you don't have an idea what is going to happen to you. But of course choose a place where your life is not in danger. Just go to a place where you know you don't have the right to control.

If you are in sports or you are inline with competition, go to different places. Go to where you don't know your opponents. Of course you will get nervous, you will be overwhelmed but that is the beauty of it, your courage will be tested and you will benefit from it in the end. You will learn to adapt and improvise. Your ability to overcome fear will become stronger, you are no longer afraid to face consequences that are unknown.

3. Different dimension. I am just including this metaphorically, this is not matrix or something. Putting yourself into a different dimension means you will do what others can't do. You will put yourself in a position where you want to give up because there is so much pain. Being in a different dimension means you have your own world, you move differently, you have your own set of rhythm.

You can only go there if you are willing to work extremely hard. That is why great people, moves differently. They build their actions and skills through super hardwork that is why there is something different when you look at them.

4. A place of humiliation and blame. If you really want to standout and become great then you must be willing to take a position where there is so much critics and blame. And what is that position? it is the position of leaders and stars. The star players, presidents, breadwinners, owners and any position that is widely guarded because there is so much stake going on. You must be willing to take the blame and hate because that's just the part of it. You must be willing to take the responsibilities because that is what big people does. If you don't want to be hated then all you can have is a place of safety and mediocrity, there is no risk there, there is no hardwork needed there but you will also get smaller things in life.

5. Semi six feet under. A place where you almost died because you die for your dreams. If you can almost kill yourself for working hard because you want to become successful then you will prevail. Not everyone will kill themselves because they are not willing to give everything they have. They will just exert a little effort and expect to become successful. Go to a situation where you cannot even breathe just to win... for sure you will standout.

A lot of people were scared, a lot of people were not willing to get super tired. They were afraid of pain and sacrifice, they do not know that it is the only key to greatness and standing out. Or maybe they knew it, they just don't want to go further because they are happy with their mediocre life. There is nothing wrong with mediocre life, if you are really happy with it. But if there is something in your heart that is saying "I want to become great" then you should act now and go to a place where everyone is afraid to go.