July 11, 2016


There will always be haters around, there will always be people who will give so much time and attention to your weakness. It is simply because you are strong, they see in you what they cannot see in themselves. They hate to admit it, they will even fight for their case. But the reality is they were just jealous because you are pursuing something and they cannot do what you can do.

So the technique here is don't give time for people who always notice your weakness, these people were leeches and will suck your strength if you allow them to. Instead just focus on your strengths, do what you are supposed to do and never look back. Always amplify what are the things that are giving you results. There is no great person that was not criticized so be happy if you are catching some attention, it only means you are on your way to greatness.

Never let these people pull you down, use their hate for your motivation. Use their big mouths as a fuel to your desire. Just let the them talk and shut their mouths when you succeed. These people will be stunned once you succeed in life, these people will stay away from you once you prove yourself. And besides, there is nothing else to prove, if you know you are great and there is no doubt in your heart that you are doing your best then there is nothing else to argue about.

While it is true that you have some weaknesses but are you going to let your weakness become weaker because you let people exposed it? Are you going to use your weakness and forget about your strength?

If you listen to what people say that you are weak then you will focus on your weakness and you will forget how good you are. You actions will be based on what they say. You will be limited do you like that?

Just use your strength. Do what you can do with your very best, do it to the fullest, push your skills to the limit, use your will power to accomplish something. It is better to listen to your strength than to listen to your weakness. Even if you look stupid by believing in your strength, so be it. It is better to look stupid using your strength than to look strong by playing safe and following other people's commands.

No matter how good you are, no matter what you do, there will always be critics and non believers, get used to it, be happy with it. Never change your mindset, never change your approach. You only have one life, choose what you wanted to believe. Is it believing that you are strong or believing that you are weak?.