July 12, 2016


People always talk about who is the greatest. But despite of endless hours of conversation about who is the greatest, did it come to a point where there is someone who has been declared as the greatest? People will say Lebron is the greatest, MJ is the greatest or Kobe is the greatest but in reality there is no one who really gets that title. People have contradicting ideas and even if there is someone who has been declared as the greatest, some people will still disagree.

And if you are the type of person who also wants to become great and is competing with others, you better stop it. You cannot become great if you are comparing yourself to others. Because you will always see someone who is stronger than you, the cycle will never end. You will not focus on your journey, you will always look for people around you and check who is doing better. You can become better than other people but because you are so much concerned about who is the greatest, you will always find someone who is better than you.

The point here is if you knew in yourself honestly that you are great and you are doing your best to become great then there is nothing else to worry about. No need for useless comparisons because if you see someone better than you, you will be disappointed and you will stop what you are doing. You will lose motivation because after all the hardwork, you are expecting that you are the greatest but you see that you are not.

If they tell you that you don't deserve to be part of the conversation of the greatest ones so be it. Just laugh at it. You don't need to prove yourself to anyone. Great people never need the opinions of others, they just do the necessary things to become great. They have a mental shield from critics, useless altercations and stupid assumptions. They know what to do, they know how to live great.

Great people never complicate their lives, if they found themselves involved in a nonsense discussion, they immediately walk away from it. They knew they have some better things to do and that is to work hard and pursue their goals. They knew they were on the path of greatness and they never let anyone or any event stop them from being great. They live greatness everyday.

The best thing to do is walk your path to greatness, just work everyday and let success decide if you are truly great or not. Results will define your greatness and not the useless talking. Always have the ability to stay focus on what you are doing. Again, engaging in conversations about who is the greatest will not help you, it will only make you feel bad if you didn't hear what you wanted to hear.

Just be yourself, strive to become the greatest version of yourself. Stop proving and start focusing on improving.