July 30, 2016


In order to have progress, in order to become mentally and physically stronger and be the number one in your game... you should have a MENTAL LOGBOOK. Now, what is this? mental logbook is consistently listing in your head what you've accomplished yesterday and giving yourself a memo if you miss doing something today.

It goes like this... you should always remember what you did yesterday and compare it to how are you doing now. Are you better than yesterday? if yes then good but if not then you should make adjustments or else you will go down little by little.

Record in your mental logbook the consistency and the continuity of your process. If you did 50 push ups yesterday then it is a must that you have to do it again or at least even add more. If you run for 30 minutes yesterday then you should run 30 minutes again today or even more. Your mental logbook should only be about yesterday and today. It's main purpose is to make you consistent and make the fire burning inside of you. In short your mental logbook is a connection between the past and the present so you can build a stronger future.

The good thing about your mental logbook is if you are very serious about it then you will never miss a day. It will also remind you if you miss doing your routine yesterday. If you miss it yesterday then it is a must that you should do it now or else you will not be doing it forever.

Your mental logbook will be your life. It is true that the thing that you are doing everyday defines you. So if you are consistently running everyday then it means you are fit and you are capable of competing at the highest level. It is a great tool to develop a skill, change your life and succeed in life. The challenge is to challenge yourself to beat the work yesterday so you can reach another level.

You can also add more activities into your mental logbook. If running or a certain activity is very easy for you to do already and it doesn't need to be logged because it is already a habit then you can add another skill or routine to be developed.

You can add something like meditating for 5 minutes everyday, earning extra 5 bucks a day or even learning a musical instrument everyday. Just add one skill at a time, once you mastered it then it is time for you to add another one. Don't keep adding a lot because it will make you overwhelmed and stressed.