July 28, 2016


Let's face it, speed is a big ingredient to success. It is true that speed kills but timing can beat speed in different ways. You can become the fastest mover in town but if you can't act fast then your speed is nothing.

What do I mean by this? Those who can act fast will become more successful than who can do it fast. If you need to do your assignment, are you going to turn off your cellphone and start acting right away? or are you going to rely on your speed and tell yourself "I already know what to do I can do it fast later, I will just chill on my iPad and listen to my favorite music, where is my favorite song live like a bum?"

It is true that there are some people who were smart, fast and know what will they do. They have the speed but they can't act right away. They don't have good habits to start fast, they were hesitant. They feel that they were already good and can get the job done anytime they want. What happens mostly in their lives is they were always rushing in the end, they cannot think the right way because time is always running out, they cannot complete the whole task. They will rely on their speed again, they will promise themselves to finish the remaining task tomorrow, they really believe that they can do it.

But if you can act fast, even if you are not fast then you can get shits done. You will have a lot more time to think, react and make adjustments if needed. The conclusion is if you can act fast then you can finish fast, unlike someone who is really fast but is always procrastinating... they even don't want to do the job anymore because they were very much overwhelmed with the shortness of time remaining. They will make excuses and invent out of the world stories just to get away with the stupidity that they did.

And even if you are slow, if you act fast then you will look fast. People will see you as a reliable person and someone who can finish strong. You will amazed people not by your speed but by your consistency and innate to ability to just do it anyway.

This principle applies in any kind of situation you are in. For example in office, if the job is purely about typing, if you are not fast but you can act fast then you can finish more tasks than those who are fast but are not focused. You are faster than those people who are doing a lot of ceremonies before starting, things like checking their facebook first, talking to officemates, drinking a lot of coffee. They felt like they are a star and they can start whenever they want.

Sometimes fast workers are not really fast, they only look fast because they were always rushing, they were rattling in the end, the result is a garbage or unfinished work.