July 24, 2016


Crab mentality is very chronic nowadays. A lot of people were doing this trick just to look good and feel safe. They will pull their friends that are succeeding because they don't want to  be left behind, they will invent false stories to make their friends look bad so that they cannot leave them.

If you think that pulling somebody down will not make him go up then you are wrong. The one being pulled will leave you, he will rise higher because he will get angry at you, he will become more motivated to go up so you will shut up. If you are one of these type of people who can't be happy with the success of others then you can't be successful. Your mind is focused on jealousy and envy, you have an attitude that is not qualified for success. You are so focus on the negative and you can't find ways how to make your self successful. You keep on finding faults from others, all you want is make people look bad and expose their flaws.

The more you pull somebody down, the more you will go down. It is a very simple logic. You are pulling someone down because he is above you. And even if you succeed in pulling someone down, you will still not become successful. You will find another one to victimized, your cycle never ends, you are like a sick person who is infested with hatred and jealousy. And the big question is did you really become happy after putting somebody down? did you become successful by doing that?

Instead of pulling somebody down, why don't you raise yourself? climb your way up and become big as you can. You can dot it, just work hard. What anyone achieved, you can do it too. Just take it one step at a time, it is better to push your way to the top than to pull somebody down. In this way, you will no longer have to become envy or jealous with anyone. You will find your purpose, you will become happier and you can inspire others.

The key here is don't get jealous with the success of others, if you don't like the person that is succeeding, just ignore him and don't say anything about him. It is obvious that you are just insecure if you are trying to pull somebody down. Focus on your own goal, make a little progress everyday. It is not necessarily needed that you have to become successful right away, it is ok if you are slow, take your time and enjoy your journey.

If you are so positive and happy with the success of others then you will become successful too. Instead of being jealous with them, try to copy their success, never compete because that will make you fall down, your pride and ego will control you.

Always remember that everyone can become successful, you too can become successful. You don't need to compare your success to others. It doesn't matter if your success is big or not, what matters is you really consider it as a success and you are very happy with your life.