July 07, 2016


What is the occasion today? what are you celebrating? Is it your birthday? Is it mother's day? Is it Christmas? or is it Thanksgiving day? You are so dressed, you wear your finest shirt and fanciest shoes. But when you arrived to the place where you will celebrate the occasion.. wow! it is fully loaded, it is jam packed. There are lot of people and you can't even walk because the number of people is the same as the number of people attending in some kind of a religious or political meeting. It is like there is a free rice and everyone is after it.

The question is this, you know that it is father's day or mother's day or christmas or there is a special occasion then why did you still bring your family to a place where the crowd is uncountable? You copy other people's decision and bring out your family to dinner or lunch but from the first place you know that there will be a lot of people there.

And now you and your family is suffering because all of the restaurants were fully book and there are even people waiting on the line outside. You are getting hungry, your family members are getting hungry and it seems like the celebration that was supposed to be fun turns into a tragic event.

People value so much date. They want to follow other people who celebrate celebrations on the exact date. What they do not know is they can celebrate any event on any given date, much better on their preference date, a date where a lot of people is not interested. You can celebrate fathers's day on January 5, you can celebrate valentines day on november 3. It is still up to you, you can even make everyday a holiday, you can celebrate anniversary with your wife on any given day.  There is no need to follow the exact date of the holiday. What matters is you are happy with your family or with anyone that you are celebrating with.

Celebrating events on other day is a very good idea. Less stress will be felt because you don't need to find restaurants that have vacant seats, you can have a good plan. No need to rush, no need to panic. The timing is yours, there will be a lot of options.  Don't give too much value on dates, it is meaningless.

Date is nothing but numbers, you don't have to follow it. You can be celebrating mother's day on the exact date but if you really don't value your mother then that is meaningless. You can be late celebrating a holiday or you can even be earlier, as long as the love and passion is there... It is ok to not follow dates.