July 24, 2016


To all those bums who were standing on a long line just to enter a game show, this one is for you. You've been waiting for a long time to enter that game show, how does it help your life?

The time you've wasted just to enter that game show can be used on more productive activities. You are just supporting a bum game show that is just using you to gather some ratings. You think they are helping you? definitely not. Someone or something that is taking your time is making you poor, it is not helping you at all.

Yes you can win some money, the host may give you a television, jacket or something. But... here comes the big but, those things are just temporary pleasures. It will not give you a long lasting happiness. The money that you won will be gone in a while and what will you do next? you will fall in line again for that bum game show.

Those game shows are just fooling you, you need to wake up and do the right thing. If you want some money then you should go hunt for a job and not take you chances on game shows. Game shows can't change your life, even if you win a small house or some pretty decent cash... your life hasn't change still. It is simply because you don't know how to make money on your own.

If you want to change your life then you should learn how to become dependent. You should never look for the easy road because it will lead you to easy failures.

Changing your life is hard but it is possible and the only one who can change your life is no other than you. It is you who has the power, it is you who can make decisions.

Never trust on game shows because it is just making you lazy. They are the one who is getting more, you just think that they are kind because they give prizes but the reality is they are just using you.

So fall in line in the right line, fall in line in an interview for a job not on a game show.