July 18, 2016


What matters to you? think about it again, does it really matter?

Does it matter if you get embarrassed by speaking up your mind and expressing yourself? does it matter if they labeled you as a crazy person trying to do something that hasn't been done before?

It doesn't matter who's on your side, what matters is your belief is still on your side.

The problem with you is you always take things seriously, you are always hard on yourself. Some things doesn't matter but you let them affect your life.

If someone says bad things to you but you know that it is not true, do you still need to prove your side? do you need to create havoc and let the person who did bad things to you that he is wrong and if he keep on doing such things then he will be in danger? Do you really need to act brave and scare people? do you feel strong if you accept a fight and fight for stupid things?

It doesn't matter who is right or wrong, what matters is you know honestly in yourself that you are right and you will stay with your beliefs.

Know what really matters, know what is helpful and what is not, know what is stupid and what is smart. You don't need a lot of proving to other people. You only need to prove it to yourself.

Small things become big if we make it a big deal, you will feel good if your mindset is nothing matters in this world matters except you life and the love you feel for your life.