July 25, 2016


Build your own, your truly own empire. Your rules, your ideas, your pacing and your decision. Nobody has the right to disagree with it, nobody can destroy it. Build it up, brick by brick, stone by stone, build it everyday. I don't know how will you build it, you are the only one who knows the ingredients in building it. You know the elements, you know what will make it right. You know what are the things needed to make it operate at its best.

Build your own empire in making money. Find what is it that you truly love and make some money from it. You are the boss, you are the employee and the employer. If it is about selling fishballs on street, why not? If it is the only way you know then do it. If it is about recycling garbage so be it. Do it with joy, do it with ambition. Fall in love with your own way of making money and soon it will grow, more money will come. Take care of your business and your business will take care of you.

Finding ways how to make money on your own is one of the best things in life. You hold your time, your earnings depends on how hard you work. There is no one who will command you, you are the boss, you are the ruler. Just be ok in starting small because no one starts as big.

There are millions of ways how to earn money on your own. You can't make excuses that you can't find one. Look for it and start right away, no more tomorrows. Start building your empire now.

Build your empire of friends. You are free to choose your friends, keep the ones that will inspire you, make you happy and accept you for what you are. Keep the friends whom you can trust and the ones that will not stab you at your back. Feel free to leave your harmful friends and not helpful ones. Life is very good to live if you have friends that will care for you sincerely, you share you dreams with them, you help them and they also help you. Life is easier with true friends around.

Build your empire of hobbies. What are the extracurricular activities that you are interested with? It can be about sports, music, weight lifting, dancing etc. Build it up everyday, become good at it. Master it, become a bad ass. Don't be overwhelmed if you see someone who is better than you, it doesn't mean they are really better than you. They only start earlier and they spend more time developing their skills than you. If you can equal their time spent on their hobbies then you can also reach their level.

Building your own empire is much better than an empire using you to build their own. You have the tools to build your own, it is all in the mind. Be ok if you are having difficulties in the beginning because everything is hard when starting. Watch your empire grow as you work hard, watch yourself succeeding using your own strength and critical judgement.