July 01, 2016


People cannot appreciate what they have at the moment that is why they cannot get what they really want. They hate their car, they hate their house, they hate their job, basically they can't appreciate everything they have. And the result of this is... a life that is miserable and full of anger.

How can you upgrade what you have if you can't appreciate it? hate is a very powerful stopper to progress. You have to love what you have to have an upgrade of what is it that you wanted to upgrade.

You can make something beautiful by loving it and giving it some attention. It is true, there is a powerful force behind love. If you have an ugly rusty car, you can make it beautiful by simply giving it some attention. Clean it, wipe it some wax, truly love it, appreciate it and you will not notice that your car is getting nicer and nicer everyday. You will naturally look for ways how to remove the rust, how to cover some bad spots and maybe add some stickers to add it a little swagger. And in the end you may even save money for the repainting of it. That is what love does, it automatically make something beautiful. Your appreciation will give contribution to the modification. You don't even know that you are always looking for ways how to make your car beautiful. It comes out naturally and effortlessly, and you really love your car, you are proud of it and you love using it to go to different places.

If you want to improve your body, you should appreciate it and love it. Stop saying words such as "I am fat, I hate this belly, grrrr", you will only hate your body even more. Instead, you have to say "wow! I have a nice body, I will make this even better everyday" and when you say it you should mean it, you should not pretend, you should not make joke about yourself. Love your body honestly, take a look at it with a smile on your face, by doing this you will love it even more by making it more gorgeous and pleasant to the eyes. The appreciation that you create will make your body elevate. You will find ways how to make your body better because you love it. And love is always seeking for greater experience, love is always pushing to give more, that is why you will give your body a greater look.

It not only applies to things or body, it also applies to relationships. It is very basic, if you love your spouse and appreciate her value then you can make her grow, you can elevate her personality to another level. You will give her money so she can buy her needs, you will give everything to her and that will make her even beautiful. She will be motivated to make herself even beautiful because you appreciate her. She will do everything to make you happy and one of it is by simply being beautiful and attractive.

Unlike a husband who is cruel and unappreciative to his wife, he will compare his wife to other beautiful women. Of course her wife will get hurt and will have a low self confidence that will result to depression and becoming ugly little by little everyday. His wife will not take care of herself anymore and will take things for granted, she will not even take a bath for three days straight because she knew her husband will not make love to her. What a sad story, just a simple irresponsibility turns into tragedy.

Anything that you want to upgrade, anyone or anything that you want to make beautiful just appreciate it. Appreciate it even if it is ugly, appreciation is the key to transformation. Just simple words such as "wow you're beautiful!", "this is nice", "I love it", "this is the best" will make something glow, will give positive energy to something that is being appreciated. And you too, even if you really don't mean what you said, as long as you keep on repeating positive words... you will believe that it is beautiful and then good harmony will be built.

Appreciation is the key to manifestation, if you want to manifest good things in life you should appreciate anything or anyone around you. Appreciate that you only have 5 dollars in your pocket, smell your money be happy about it, expect that it will multiply. Stop blaming the world or the company that you are working in why you only have less, you money will multiply if you will not cry.

Appreciation brings happiness, it attracts more things, it attracts more opportunities. There is no ugly things here in this world, only standards, only choosiness by people who were not satisfied of what they have.