July 05, 2016


Well, everybody can get sick. No one is immune to sickness. Sickness will make you weak and unable to perform they way you normally does. But how can you avoid sickness? the answer is you cannot avoid it, even if you are the richest or the healthiest person alive, you cannot avoid being sick at some point in your life.

That's how life works, at some point you are healthy and strong but sometimes you will eventually get sick for unknown reasons. Even if you eat healthy foods or exercise or do nothing at all, you will get sick because that is the reality. There is no invincible human in this world. I don't know why our life is built that way but I know 3 kinds of sickness for sure and this information will wake you up if your sickness is worth it or not.

1. Sickness from worrying. You worry a lot about things that are not happening yet. You worry about your bills, what are you going to eat tomorrow, the rent of your house and any other things that can be solved if you will just take action. The mental wobbling that amused you so much is making you very sick. It is better to be tired physically than to be tired mentally. You will become very sick if you are always worrying, you will be depressed, you will not experience the beauty of life. The saddest thing is... if you got addicted to worrying then you will become sick forever. You will look like 70 even if you are just 40 years old. Your immune system will become very wick, a lot of sickness my might enter your system because you have a negative energy going inside of your body. The solution here is just live at the moment, the world will still revolve even if you have problems. Instead of worrying, try moving and solve your problems.

2. Sickness from being a bum. Yeah you are not worrying, you are just chilling but you are a bum. You are so lazy, you just wanted to eat, you never exercise that is why your body is not strong and it is prone to sickness. You will become sick if you will not engage in physical activities. GO out, run, do anything that will make you sweat, do anything that will push you. Cut all the fats in your belly, push yourself until you cannot push anymore. If your body is so heavy, it means it needs some pain. It needs some activity that will punish it a little bit so the parts of it will function very well. Stop eating too much foods and watching TV while sitting on your couch all day. Become active, find what is it that will give you fun while sweating, there is a physical activity designated for you.

3. Sickness from hardwork. This is a kind of sickness that is good. You get sick from hardwork, you work everyday, you make yourself better everyday. You get sick because it is just a reminder that you also need some rest. The time of healing is where your muscles grow, new ideas were born, new perspectives were created so next time you will work smarter. If you got sick from hardwork, it only means you are growing, it also means you are on your way to become great. This is not a bad sickness at all. After recovering, you are much a stronger person and ready to work harder even more. So if you will have to choose where is your sickness coming from, choose hardwork, it is the best choice and it has a  lot of benefits.