May 03, 2016


You can't be stupid if you are living in our generation today. There are millions of resources for learning, we can find it anywhere on the internet, public library or even on the television. That is why you can't make an excuse that you didn't go to school that is why you didn't learn anything.

But once you learn something you must execute it immediately because that knowledge will go away and be forgotten if you do not apply it into your life. A knowledge without an execution is still ignorance. The moment you learn something, execute it right away and find if it is true or if you will get a benefit from it.

The best way of learning is still learning through actions. It is much much better because at the same time you will learn the basic steps and you will learn what is working or not. For example if you are studying boxing, the best way to learn is to wear the gloves and punch right away. It doesn't matter if your punching way looks awkward or wrong. Just keep on punching, feel your power, feel your timing and then what is right or wrong will be revealed later. You will learn your mistakes through fighting or training. Someone will correct you and if you feel the advise will help you try it, if the result is good it means you learn another thing.

If you want to learn swimming then just wear your swim suit and immediately jump into the pool. But make sure the level of water won't kill you. Just swim, paddle, kick, use your hands and feet. Repeat it until your body became one with the water then find a way how to use your breathing so you can swim longer without getting drowned. Yes, at the beginning you will become frustrated and it feels like you can't learn by your own but as you continue learning on your own you will find solutions along the way, it will come from nowhere the least you expect it. You will even accidentally learn the right moves on your own by willpower.

One more thing, if you will choose action as a way of learning you will commit a lot of mistakes and those mistakes will make you come up with ideas that are right. You will accidentally know what is needed to get the job done. Studying and preparing so much will make you stuck and confused, it won't give you confidence either. You will be satisfied knowing something and you will be hesitant to try it.

Some people were afraid to learn through actions because they think they will not learn. They were so afraid to try something, they can't even do the first step which is to just do what they understand. Doing something is also learning because it gives you experience, that is why the saying "experience is the best teacher" is true. You will learn through movement and seeing what works for you. Yes it maybe a trial and error process but this type of learning is really fun. It maybe hard sometimes but it not only teaches you things it also teaches you how to become independent.

The most enjoyable part in learning through actions is the growth that it gives to you. It makes you a better person, it makes you smarter and confident. You build a habit of doing things no mater what. You don't care if you will make mistake or not, the more important thing to you is learning and improving.