May 04, 2016



Don't get me wrong, everyone in the world is active. Everyone is engaging into something may it be productive or destructive. Some people are active in sleeping, gossiping, drinking, malling, watching TV and any other habits that are just draining their energies. They thought that not moving at all and just relaxing will preserve their energies so they can do a lot more later. This is a misconception, if you are putting yourself in activity that requires less effort then you will not get more energy to do bigger things. You will be stucked in that timing and lifestyle and you will become a lazy bum ass forever. Your muscles will become weaker, your brain will become slower. You will become rusty and ugly.

Activities that will give you more energy are exercise, lifting weights, pursuing a goal. These activities will give you more energy because you are exerting more energy. It is like give and take. Look at those people who just watches TV, read magazines and engage in drinking sessions. They look like weak and slow. They were not alive, they were like zombies who were about to die in a week. They don't have the will power to do great things, all they know is how to chill, have some fun and eat a lot of foods. They were not getting anything from their habits. Their bellies just keep on getting bigger and bigger.

If your activity is just purely relaxing and sitting around then you should be alarmed because you are preparing yourself to become weaker and weaker. You don't know it yet because you think you are having fun but count a couple of years more and you will see that you have bad issues on your health. The equation is very simple, the more energy you are using the more energy will be given to you. It is simply because you will get what you need, that is the rule of the universe and no one can change it. Don't be afraid of getting tired because getting tired means getting strong.

Most people chooses an activity that is relaxing and will require no effort at all, who doesn't want to love that? but as I told you before there is no benefit from engaging yourself in activities that will not push you. If you can get something from will be sickness and weakness and nothing more. So stand up and sweat a little bit, walk for at least 10 mins a day then increase it once you got bored for just ten minutes. Do something productive, do something that will excite you and scare you. Pursue an impossible goal, it will make you feel alive and experience what you haven't experienced before. Avoid wasting your time for useless activities that will only make you weak, slow and poor. It is time to wake up and be energetic as possibly as you can be. Do something that will stretch you physically and mentally. There is no room for excuses here, all you need to do is make a MOVE!

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