April 05, 2016


Everyone is scared nowadays, well who doesn't? even the greatest warrior from the history has been scared in battle, even the greatest leader of dynasties has felt fear not for just once. Fear is everywhere, fear is experienced everyday. No one has an immunity in it and no one can get rid of it permanently. There are lots of books, audio books, seminars, videos etc. out there that teaches you how to eliminate fear and I didn't see anyone who claimed that his fear was totally eliminated. If fear can be eliminated then there is no need to become courageous anymore, we cannot even appreciate what is courage anymore because it only shows up during the existence of fear.

What you need to do is you should be able to become very good in smelling fear and you should also be aware if you are experiencing fear. Once you are aware that you are experiencing fear then you can adjust your emotions and filter the thoughts that is popping out from your head. You will tell to yourself "ok I am scared, what thoughts should I entertain now?" If you are aware that you are scared then you will have the ability to relax yourself and wait for the fear to disappear, you can't push away the fear because it will grow bigger once you resist, all you can do is be ok with feeling it.

Now what do I mean by using other people's fear and how will it benefit you? if there is an opportunity presented, if there is a lot of stakes on the line then you should know if people around you are scared. Look at their faces, study their body language, feel their hesitation and act like you are the most confident during that moment. You see, people were scared all the times, they were afraid to standout and take responsibility. If you want to shine and be one step ahead from others then you should take advantage of their fears. Use their fears to get what you want. If your boss is asking everyone who wants to be the team leader of a certain project and explain to him why are you deserving... of course everyone will hesitate to raise their hands. Now it is time for you to use their fear, be the one who will present himself to take the job. Your boss will be amazed at how confident you are to step in front and take the job. He will feel that you are confident and deserving to take the role. Everyone around you is scared so use that opportunity to shine, everyone is hesitating so be the first to take risk and make a bold move.

If you are in the middle of the game and you feel that you teammates are so scared to take the ball and make things happen then it is time for you to shine. Use their fear and relinquished it, they will always pass you the ball if you act confidently and fearlessly. Don't be afraid to make mistakes and commit turnovers, use all your strength and attack viciously. If they sense that you are fearless then they will let you control the game, they will let you takeover and they will follow your lead. You will be the deciding factor of the outcome of the game. They can blame you in the end if you let them down but they don't have the right to do that because they knew in themselves that they were so scared to try.

You can also use your opponent's fear to succeed. Once you sense that he is scared then it is time for you to attack. You can stun him, attack right away, make good movements, let him feel your presence and let him know that you mean business. You can freeze him with your power and make him look like a midget. Their fear will go stronger and stronger once you take advantage of it. Never let him recover, make continuous movements that will make him mental block and submissive to your will.

It is easy to know if someone is scared or not, it can be seen on his body language. voice and movement. You can also see it on the look of his eyes. You can sense his depression and frustration. There is a look in him that he wants to get out from the situation and go somewhere else. You can feel that he is not enjoying the moment and he wants to end what is happening right away. Once you sense that people around you is in fear then rejoice because victory is inviting you.

If you will learn how to use other people's fear then you already have a big advantage in work, competition etc. You will be the one who will take  control and make momentum that is in favor of your motive. You can control them, command them and dictate the tempo of the situation. It is ok to have fear too because it will never really go away, the most important thing here is you move despite of fear. You can pretend that you are not feeling it, you can hide it because you know how a scared guy looks and those looks are not the ones you are going to emulate. You know how a scared person reacts and you will do the opposite of it. Study fear very well and your potential will become limitless.