April 20, 2016



If you want to have an abundant life or at least a life that has no worries then you should think of what is coming in and not what has come out.

If one day you go to your favorite mall and you didn't control your way of spending. You buy clothes, eat a lot of foods, buy shoes, watched movies etc. You spend more than you earn, it gives you a feeling of guilt right? you don't have to feel guilty just let it go and forget it. We all make mistakes sometimes especially in our financial activity. All people has experience spending more than what they earned, it is alright but you should also learned the lesson from it.

Alright forget about it, just focus on what is coming in and not what has come out. This is the way of an abundant life. If somebody borrows money from you yesterday because you feel pity for him but now you are thinking if your decision is right because you deducted something from your budget, you should not think about what has come out. You should think about how can you add more money for your savings. You should also appreciate that money will still come in to your life in the future, it can come from your monthly salary or any business that you create. Forget about the money that your friend borrowed, forget all the money that you wasted, just focus on what is coming in because that will make you feel good, when you feel good about something it has a tendency to multiply.

People experience the feeling of scarcity because they always focus on what is gone. They focus on their mistakes, they focus on uncalculated lost and they never pay attention to what is coming in, they were never thankful for the little blessings that are coming into their lives that is why they always feel less even though they have more.

If last month you lost ten thousand dollars and now you just earned five thousand dollars, still be thankful, forget about the 10k and start celebrating the 5k. The more you become appreciative the more you will have an extra incentive. Anything that is coming in to your life is still a blessing no matter how big or small it is. Life is more fun to live if you were celebrating the little blessings instead of searching for what has been lost. It is easier to live that way, there is no feeling of regret and you are focused on good things that may still come.

There are some cases where a man's life style has been demoted for whatever reasons. He will think of his lifestyle before instead of focusing on his life now. He will remember the good times before, things such as buying expensive clothes, eating on a fancy restaurant, travelling anywhere etc. He cannot do it now but there are still some blessings that are coming into his life. If he will only be thankful that he still have some properties and money to spend then he will be happier. He is sad because he always look for what is missing instead of celebrating what is present.

Hey people, it is just a matter of looking around and not looking too far. Look around you, you still have a lot of things, a lot of reasons to be happy. You have some food, some money and friends. If you can't appreciate the small things then you will never have the big things.