April 26, 2016



If you are just taking an action because you are expecting any kind of reward then you are in the wrong mindset my friend. The reward for tacking action is the action itself and nothing more than that.

If you made a move to improve your situation, if you take bold actions towards your goals then that is already the price. Money, results and fame are just bonuses because taking action will not guarantee that you will get rewards if you have a time frame.

Many people worked so hard for many months or even years but they do not get the rewards that they were expecting. Their expectation was turned into depression and the result was endless procrastination. They don't want to move anymore because they think that they already failed and for them moving is not making any sense anymore. They don't want to try again because just like what I said, reward is more important for them than taking action. They feel the lack of reward that is why they were so unmotivated to try again.

Maybe it is also because they got too tired and humiliated by people watching them. Maybe it is because they were too impatient and cannot wait any longer, I don't know.

You should be proud if you are taking action even if you haven't got the reward yet because just like I said taking the action is the real reward, not all people can take action, not all people can stay with the process. And even if you get the reward you will not be so happy with it, the one thing that makes you happy is the transformation of yourself by the actions that you take. Look at those rich celebrities, businessmen and sports superstars...even if they have those achievements, money, fame and power they still work because they don't care about the results anymore, all they care about is taking action, taking the challenge and the work itself. They are simply happy by moving because it is what makes them feel alive.

Have you seen someone who is succeeding everyday but doesn't look getting tired? you can see him working on sundays, holidays, birthdays but he doesn't look getting tired. It is simply because he doesn't care about the results anymore, all he care about is taking action because he fell in love with the action itself. He is afraid that if he didn't take action he might lose momentum and energy to keep going. It is the action that makes him strong, it is the action that puts him in the right direction.

But did you also see someone who just succeeded lately and then immediately fell into a failure's circle? It is because he care about the results and he already got what he want. For example a person dreaming of a car or a house or a million, once he get it he will no longer have the drive to beat his own records. It is because he doesn't love taking actions, he wants to become successful again but he wants to take lesser actions this time. The result is... going back to ground zero.

The ultimate secret for achieving a big goal is very simple - reward yourself by taking action, let the action be the reward and forget the material award and recognition reward. It doesn't matter if you are not having money, fame or popularity. What matters is your action has no expiration.