April 02, 2016



There were some talented people whose talents were not recognized. There are some circumstances that we cannot control. Sometimes you work so hard, sometimes you've given everything you've got but still you cannot find a way to succeed because just like I said there are some circumstances that you cannot control. There are some politics going on, favoritism etc. but those are the obstacles that you have to overcome for you to become successful. You can't point fingers to anyone because that is just a waste of time and successful people never do that. It is you that has the power, it is you that is still responsible for any results that you are getting.

I dedicate this article to my brother named JC, today is his birthday. He is just a 17 year old teenager that is aspiring to become a professional basketball player one day. He was working really really hard. Doing different drills everyday, pushing his self to the limits. He committed to daily improvement, doing visualizations, meditations, conditioning and any other stuff that will put him to another level yet his coach is not appreciating all his effort. He works harder than anybody else on his team yet his coach cannot see it. I am not being bias here because I am his brother but I am a witness to his pain, I see all the efforts that he puts in that nobody can match. I see his passion, dedication and commitment that I haven't seen from anyone. He breathes basketball and he got some serious talent. He possess some skills that is greater than anyone else on his age. It hurts me when I see him crying because he is not getting the playing time that he deserves. But I am still impressed with him because he never stops, he still do what he does everyday. He will feel sad in one day and try again the next day. His determination is very impressive, he is mentally tough and I know one day he will succeed.

Sometimes even if you work so hard, even if you prepare so much you still cannot succeed. Some people will not appreciate you and that's just the part of it. I am not blaming his coach because it is his decision and he see some other things. I am just wondering why his efforts aren't rewarded yet. He is waiting for a very long time to get his break. I do believe that he deserves what he want because he works for it and never make a shortcut. But that's how it goes and all he can do is move one and find what is it that he needs to do.

Sometimes I am wondering if hardwork really works but who am I to question the process? who am I to doubt the universal principle that if you work really hard you will get rewarded? Maybe he needs to work harder, maybe he needs to give it a little more time and exercise more patience. Who knows?

There are lots of people who are really working hard and not cutting corners but still not getting the prize that they deserve. This happens anywhere, it happens in business, office, sports, politics etc. You maybe working harder than anybody else but someone who is lazy or not deserving is getting the credit. If this is happening to you don't be sad because you know you didn't cheat, you will see the silver lining in the end. The results will show, trust me. You will get what you deserve and the pain that you are enduring everyday will go away and it will be replaced by glory. Make sure you will not stop doing what you love to do, forget what is happening around just focus on getting better everyday and always be happy doing your passion. If you are not happy anymore then that is the time to move on but if you still feel that there are still works to be done and you know you can still become successful then go ahead, go all out. ALL UNRECOGNIZED HARDWORK will be recognized in the end.