April 12, 2016



Are you sick and tired of your name not being talked about? are you sick and tired of hearing other people's names but you think you are also deserving to be a part of the conversation? If you feel this way then it is time to introduce your name. When I say it is time to introduce your name don't expect that someone will do it for you, you will do it for yourself. You will be the one who will gather their attention and let yourself be known to the world. You will create a name for yourself that will be carved in the history books.

But how can you introduce your name? you can't just grab a megaphone and shout your name to the world, you can't just tell the world how good you are and expect that they will believe you. If you want some attention be an attention grabber. Show the world that you are the best in something, if not the best then someone who has a skill that cannot be ignored. You can have a name in sports, hollywood, arts, music or anything that you are passionate about but you need to amazed people and make them remember your name the moment they saw you performing.

It is time to introduce your name, outclass someone if you need to, don't be shy to show your skills. If you want to shine then shine bright like a diamond. You must own the stage, you must own the moment. The times for unexpressing yourself is over, it is time to break out from your rusty cage and be know to everyone. You've been watching someone shining, now it's your turn to be watched. Show them what you've got and bring your A+ game, don't exert a mediocre effort because you are not made out of it. Be a show stopper and stop someone's heartbeat. Be someone to talk about and whose always search by people, be someone whose people are so eager to see.

You have the right to introduce your name if you have a skill that is on a world class level. How can you have a world class level skill? by simply REPETITION. Just do what you are passionate about everyday and watch yourself becoming a phenom. Be patient, you will know in yourself if you are ready, you will feel it. You can't just show up to the world and displaying your swagger if you have an amateur skills. Be honest to yourself, you can feel it if your skill is already build up for any kind of competition. Some people exposed themselves too early that they don't have the necessary skills yet only to find themselves not ready and they go back to their home crying like a baby.

If you exposed yourself too early because your confidence is growing rapidly then live with it, if you fail and no one noticed you then don't stop, you already take the first step so continue doing the other ones. if your introduction is not effective then focus on your journey, not all introduction were beautiful but some have very good endings.