April 27, 2016



Let's face it money is important especially when we have bills to pay and we need to buy food. It is very hard to find food nowadays for free. Even the farmers are buying foods. Now, if there is a time where there is someone who is borrowing money from you but you also need money what are you gonna do? What if the borrower is telling you a lot of dramas so you will be forced to lend him some?. Dramas such as: my son is sick, I will get killed by a gangster if I don't pay them, we have no food and my children is so hungry, my daughter can't pay the tuition fee and she will be forced to not take the exam and any other dramas that has been used a million times in a drama series. 

Of course you are just a human being and you will feel pity for him but what if your money is already budgeted and if you deduct some amount from it you will be the one who will suffer? I am not a big fan of excuses and lies but this time I will tell you some ways to excuse yourself from lending some money to your dramatic and broke friend.

1. Use his own drama - if your friend knocks on your door and it looks like he put some onions on his eyes before he talk to you so he will look like he is crying and immediately tell you that he needs some money, what you need to do is use his own drama. Pretend that you are sad too upon knowing his situation. If he says that he needs to borrow some money because they don't have food to eat then tell him that you too haven't been eating for three days. If he told you that he needs some money because his landlord will force him to leave their apartment for not paying rent then tell him that you haven't paid your rent too. If you have your own house then just tell him that you need to pay some bills or monthly interest of your credit card. They key here is to always mimic his problem and exaggerate it a little bit. If he is borrowing 5 thousand bucks tell him that you need ten thousand bucks and he is in the wrong timing to borrow some money from you.

2. Pass the torch - remember someone that borrows money from you from the past and recommend that person to the one who is borrowing now. Tell him the exact amount of money that was borrowed from you and give him the power to collect the money from the last borrower. This only applies if he also know the person who borrows from you. Let those two broke people negotiate while you are celebrating in your house because you escaped a money borrower. This is also a nice way to know if the past borrower have an intention to pay you.

3. Just give him a little amount - if you are feeling guilty because the borrower is somehow very close to you just give him a little amount. If he is borrowing two thousand bucks then just give him 30 or 50 bucks. Tell him that you really don't have money and that is all you can lend him. Most of the time borrowers are not returning the money that they borrowed so losing 30 bucks is not so much a big deal to you.

4. Take a deep breath and say NO - this only applies if you are ready and you have a mindset of not letting anyone borrow any amount of money from you, it is because it is hard to say "NO" to a borrower once he surprised you. Just say "NO", no matter how big is his reason for borrowing some money. You may feel guilty but let's face the fact that the money borrower puts himself in that situation, there is no one to blamed but himself. He is the one who spends a lot, he is the one who is not working so have no conscience when saying no. After all if he is really determined to borrow some money he will find someone else who will let him.

Never feel guilty if you rejected someone who is borrowing money from you. In the first place they don't have to do that if they were responsible and if they are spending their money wisely.