April 13, 2016



We all know what confident people does because we see it everyday on winners, we saw them in televisions. Their behavior were almost identical to each other, they were relaxed, always at ease and it seems like they always know what to do. And of course they always nail it, we always see them winning and getting things done in fantastic ways. Because we already knew how confident people act and think I will tell you now the things that every confident people avoids, study it and apply it into your life so you will become confident too:

1. RUSHING - confident people were always cool even in pressure situations. They knew they can get away with any problem and they always felt that what they are doing is always right. They move smoothly and they always take calculated actions. They never worry about time because they knew they have enough time to get things done. It seems like they have their own world while operating something. They were cool as ice and pressure makes them even better. They feel alive during pressure situations, they thrive and they succeed. For them rushing is losing and relaxing is winning.

2. GETTING JEALOUS WITH THE SUCCESS OF OTHERS - confident people were never jealous with the success of others. They knew that they can become successful too. They were happy with the success of others. If someone they don't like is succeeding, they just ignore it and they will not pull him down. They even help others to become successful because success for them is to be shared and not something to be selfish of. They were very happy when their family, friends, siblings, co workers became successful and they really mean it. And when their enemies became successful they don't feel anything or say anything. If they can't be happy for someone's success they just keep quiet and never hate.

3. GOING OUTSIDE OF THEMSELVES - confident people were always in themselves. They appreciate their skills, achievements, properties and all of the people in their circle. They never look for others' lives and they never interfere with others' lives. They are simply happy with what they have. They never compare and prove others that they were the better people. They are open minded but it is hard to convince them about something that has no evidence.

4. OVERTHINKING - Confident people never hesitates when execution is needed to be done. They just do it, they never overthink because for them it is just a waste of time, they never over analyze because they were so focus on taking actions and finding solutions. They never get stuck, they have plans but once the plan is ironed they immediately jump into making actions and they live with the results. They were so quick to react and they always finish strong.

5. PASSING RESPONSIBILITY - They always take responsibility for their actions, they never blame anyone for their shortcomings, they admit their mistakes and they never make excuses. They swallow their pride if they made a mistake and ask for apology. They were never scared to get blamed because they were so confident that they can come back strong and make things right. They were also not afraid to take big responsibilities and finish it until the end. They were so confident that they can finish a task no matter how big it is.