April 07, 2016


There is always a new record being published everyday on the Guinness world records in any kind of things. You can also hear on the sports news that another record has been break. It can be on volleyball, basketball, baseball, football, MMA or any kind of activity that has some records. People got excited when another record has been set, some were disappointed because they were fans of the record holder that has been dethroned.

It is very fun to set a record, you feel like you are the best. you feel like invincible and you are on top of the world especially if your record is something that the whole world is looking up to. But... breaking a record is more fun and exciting. It feels like you dethrone the record holder and you are the new king. It feels like you've been crowned and your name is carved in the stones of greatness the moment you break the previous record.

There are records that looks like unbreakable and will stay on top forever but only time will tell when it will be break. If you want to break a record you should believe that you can do it and you should think that the record is not invincible because just like I said no record is immune to being break regardless of how great it looks like. You should strive harder and never lose hope once you are aiming to break a particular record. Just remember that record holders were only humans too and you can emulate what they accomplished or even surpass it. If you ever have a chance to break someone's record don't hesitate to do it, you have the right to set your own record and be part of the history.

The formula for breaking someone's record is very simple but not that easy. It is to double the effort that they put in to establish that record. For example, if someone who holds the record for the fastest man to run 10 km is simply pushing himself to run at full speed for one hour a day, all you have to do is run at full speed for two hours a day. It is simple but it is not easy, if you do that you can break his record. If someone who holds the record for the fastest swimmer is practicing 5 hours a day, all you need to do is practice 10 hours a day. It sounds ridiculous but it is true, just double the effort of the record holder and for sure you can establish your own record. Just beating the record holder's routine and training means you are already destined to break his record.

There are records before that everyone thought couldn't be break but there will always be courageous guys who will break it. If you are a record holder you should strive to break your own record and make it higher and even harder to break because someday another man will show up and will try to break it and all you can do is watch your record erased in the book.