April 17, 2016


If you are sick and tired of our world today full of clowns, ambitious politicians who have their own agenda, people who loves to criticize, haters, users and wannabes then you should create your own world. It is not about separatism, it is about looking at your own world and living it in a different way, living it on your own terms following your own rules and regulations. You have your own commandments and you never break it.

You just don't care, if you hear someone hating another person you just don't care. You do not join him, you just hear it once and never talk about it again. If your neighbor is loud and is not good for the community you just stop thinking about him, you just do your thing, live unaffected and continue living a better life. You never give attention to those people who were here in this world for no reason. You are so focused on appreciating positive things and nothing more than that.

You build the circle of friends that are trustworthy, real friends and who were not just there when they needed you. You only associate yourself to people who also care for you and brings out the best in you. You don't care about people who were backstabbers, users and plastic. In other words you learn how to choose the people that you must keep. It is not that you are being picky of friends, you just know what is best for you and who will be there when things go wrong.

You create your own process. If what is happening now to you is not doing you any good because people teaches you how to do this and how to do that but it is not really making you progress then create your own process and stick with it. Stick with it for years or even decades. It is impossible that you will fail but if you fail... It is because of your own mistake and not the mistake of others. You fail because you didn't do your best and not others don't do their best for you.

Create your own way of making big money and make sure it is legal and not affecting someone's business. This is the best way to earn money, earning without following someone's command. Doing the work you love and having no restrictions at all. Your potential for earning money is limited if you have your own way of making money. Economy cannot bother you, recession seems unreal to you. All you need to do is work hard everyday do your best and money comes in naturally.

Stop following what is trending. You create your own trend, you don't care about modern clothes, shoes etc. You just wear and use what you know is comfortable to you and not what others wanted you to wear. You don't care if you look old fashion. You also don't bother about gossips, latest celebrity pregnancy, who is the latest bachelor etc. You only fill your mind with information that you want and what will make your richer.

Create your own timing. You sleep whenever you want to, you work whenever you want to, you rest whenever you want to. Nobody forces you to work if you don't want to work anymore. You are the boss, you are the distributor of your time. You can only do this if you can support your needs and if you are financially free. Don't worry because you can do it, you can do it if you CREATE YOUR OWN WORLD.