April 11, 2016


BELIEVE IN YOUR LOWS - rugged breed

In life you can't be just winning forever or winning everyday. You can't be forever dominating your opponent or dominating the game. Sometimes you will hit the rock bottom, sometimes you will have your lowest low. What is working before is not working now anymore and you cannot even understand why it is happening. You are doing the same type of hardwork sometimes even harder, you are doing the same type of routine and applying the same type of habits but you still can't figure out how to make things work.

What you need to do is believe your lows, believe that the ugly things that are happening to you will change if you keep on doing what you are doing. Just keep on repeating what made you become successful before. Even if it seems that what you are doing isn't making any sense at all just do it anyway. Believe it even if it is diminishing your belief. Believe it even if you have no more reason to believe it.

There is no other way out but to keep on plodding and doing what you think is best for you and will bring you on top again. Believe in your techniques even if it is making you look like stupid, believe in your ideas even if it looks like it is not making you progress, believe in your instincts even if it is scary to believe it. It is just a matter of staying at the bottom and believing and trying again until you get back on top. It is ok being on the lower position again, there is nothing wrong with that. Accept that you are low but don't ever accept that it is your permanent position.

There were some companies, I mean really big companies that became so very successful but fail on the long run. What they do is they didn't change anything, they didn't compete, all they do is they still do what made them become successful, they do it despite of losing a lot of millions. They just weather the storm and wait until they become successful again. They never panic, they never change their mindset, they were still confident that they can regain their position. For them all they need to do is just give it a little more time and success will fall in their arms again.

If you are not winning right now, if you are not making any money right now or if your life really sucks right now just believe it. Believe that it is happening for a reason, believe that you are failing but don't ever believe that you have to stop. If the love for doing your thing is still there then don't ever change. Love your situation even if it is too low because we all start in low position, even if we already reach some certain level of success, once we fail we will start on being low again. Low level, low money, low life, low profile it is still good. They were all good. Keep moving, believe in your lows.