April 16, 2016



The idea here is you don't even know if your work is mediocre or not. Nobody knows. This idea only applies to the people who are pursuing goals and really wanted to get it because they just move right away, they don't care if they were good or not, all they do is take action and make progression.

If you are dreaming of achieving big time goals, normally what you will think is you have to be excellent, great and knows everything. That is why you can't start, that is why you got overwhelmed and anxious when you see that you're lacking of skills to do the project. You want to become great right away so you can make your self believe that you are going to become successful. Wanting to become great right away means not wanting to take the journey and not wanting to take the journey will lead to nothing.

So here is the thing, if you want to become great or excellent at something you should be ok with doing mediocre work. Be ok if someone says that your work is not that great because you cannot start on something and your skills is already great, nobody has ever started with great skills already without even practicing or experiencing some things. No one is born with greatness. The term "the chosen one" is a myth and it is only tattooed on Lebron James' arms. I don't know who chooses him. Maybe he chooses himself or it is just a motivational tattoo.

Just do the work and do the process everyday even if your work is labelled as mediocre by many. Just keep on doing it everyday without skipping, do it with confidence and feel proud about it. You will not even noticed that one day you were already great. A bunch of mediocre work when sum up is equivalent to greatness. So the key here is repetition. Any work when repeated everyday, no matter how ugly that work is will become beautiful. So if you are doing bad and your work really sucks, even if you don't feel confident with your work just do it everyday, as the days go by you will not notice that everyone is amazed at your work.

Just start regardless of your level. It is not your level that matters, it is your willingness to reach a certain level. People will criticize you but they will shut up once they see your improvement, once they see that you are building a huge amount of momentum and you are unstoppable. Another key here is don't judge your work but judge your effort. Take a look at yourself and see if you are giving your 100 percent, make sure that everyday you are giving your best even if you don't feel well. Never stop and never settle, your level of continuity should be endless. Never commit to excellence because it will come by itself, just commit on showing up everyday and do your assignment.