April 30, 2016



Everyone talks about being great and how to become great, they will give you an idea and skills that you must possess in order to become successful. They will praise education, achievements and being able to understand different things. For me intelligence is knowing what you want and studying it further. Now, there are some characteristics that successful people possesses but are not discussed for some reasons, maybe because marketers today are always preaching how to get rich quick and how to become successful in just 2 weeks. The world today loves instant results and they really believe that there is, instant results applies only to those who patronized liposuction but that result won't last forever, they cut their belly fast like a pig but the habit of living a healthy life is not there so they will go back to being a fat ass again.

If you think that you are not intelligent nor you have any talents then it's fine, there is nothing wrong with that, the word talent, intelligence and being born rich are over rated. Yes it is a big help having all of those qualities but you still have a chance if you were just an ordinary under dog with no helping arms and gifts given to you. Now, I will reveal the skills that were not widely recognized because most of the teachers out there are just preaching you to study hard, be nice, have a good grades and take the surest route. Well that's cool but here are some skills that I will tell you that will make you very successful, these skills only applies if you have big goals in life, I am the walking evidence that these are real, I may not be very rich but I have some success in my life that gave me true freedom, please try to master these and have fun in the world:

1. Ability to move despite of unwanting to move - If you have a task to do your mind is battling if you will do it or not, it is crazy because you know that you need to do it but you cannot move. It feels like there is something stopping you that you don't know. If you have the ability to shut the part of your brain that is stopping you then you already have a big advantage. Most people loves to relax, if they are on their couch they will watch the whole episode of the walking dead without conscience. If you are not one of them then you are ahead. You can finish a lot of task in a very short period of time. You will be less stress because movement takes away the pain. Movement will give you good feelings. If you can move despite of unwanting to move then you're a different kind of person. Good things will be attracted to you. You can dictate the pace in any place because time will come when people doesn't want to move anymore because of fatigue, lack of will and excuses. You are a different animal, you will move because your mind is well trained and it can absorb any kind of stress.

2. Ability to take rejection - "it hurts", "they don't like me", "they tell me I am no good", "this is not for me, a vendor said so". These words will be taken seriously be people who cannot accept rejection. They thought that rejection is a barometer of how far can they go or how good they were. If you can take rejection then you don't need motivation. You just go and go and go and present yourself anywhere. You are not afraid of opportunities even if you feel you don't deserve it. Even if they don't accept you, even if they laughs at you, you will still keep pounding until you find the place where you belong. Not many of us can accept rejection especially if the rejection is devastating and can destroy a moral. Accepting rejection is a skill that is unstoppable, it will create a lot of opportunities and you will experience a lot of things that will be helpful to your success.

3. Ability to look weird - if you have big goals and dreams and you are taking it very seriously, people will label you as a weird person especially if you are presenting ideas that are impossible to believe. You should stand for what you believe in and forget if you look weirdo. One of the reasons why people cannot become successful is because they listen to other people's comments, critics and opinions. They don't want to be alone and mocked by the crowd, they always wanted to fit in that is why they can't express their ideas and pursue their own journey. Always remember that all successful people have look weird at some point of their lives. Look at Albert Einstein, Bill gates, Bob Marley, they look weird because they have their own point of view and sometimes their actions were not accepted by the people.

4. Ability to Love Stress - if you wanted to become successful you cannot stay away from stress. Great things are stressful but if you will learn how to love the stress on the journey then you can thrive. Keep in mind that stress is normal, it can either make you or break you. If you don't want to become stress then just pursue small things that are achievable and even a nursery student can do. Being in a stressful state means you are working your way to the top so you must not stop even if the stress is very high. Stress will always be a part of your life, you will experience it anywhere so don't be afraid to face it.